Viber vs. Skype – Make Seamless Free International Voice Calls

If you are an owner of an iOS or Android device and are looking for the best way to make free voice calls, installing Viber or Skype or even both apps can be the first step towards saving a lot on your calling expenditure.

Between the two free voice calling apps, Viber is considered the least popular, having been in the market for a period that is merely a fraction of the time Skype has been around; it is widely considered the fiercest rival Skype faces in this widespread industry. Despite this, it entirely depends on the app being used by your friends, so that you can make these free calls through any of these apps. It is also recommended to have both apps installed, since they offer similar services but in totally different ways.

Enjoy Features that are User Friendly

When assessed with respect to ease of use, these two apps are user friendly. Installing these apps is a very simple and stress-free process; however, they both operate in different ways. For instance, while Skype employs the use of passwords and user names during registration which are later used as a user’s identification on this network, Viber has other ideas. It uses a user’s mobile phone number as the user name for logging in to the network. Viber users get this advantage as it provides them with a better mobile integration.

On the contrary, Skype was initially developed with PCs in mind, and then it later incorporated the option for mobile devices. When Viber entered the market, it began as a mobile-based app. However, as time went by, the giant app went ahead and developed the app’s PC version, which was launched recently.

If by any chance you prefer using your phone to using your laptop or desktop, it’ll be best to stick with Viber for your free instant messaging and voice calling needs. However, if you are looking to communicate with your friends and family on your laptop or desktop, Skype is the way forward.

In most cases, many people prefer using phones to make voice calls as opposed to using PCs and as a result, Viber is for sure a winner in this category.

Both Apps are Free

Both Viber and Skype are free to download and install. It is free to send text messages as well as make voice calls to any friends and family, local or international, using any of these apps as long as they are also using the same app on their devices. You don’t have to worry if your contact is not using either of these apps. This is because both apps provide users with options of buying credits from their websites which they can use to call non-users of these apps from any place across the globe. Previously, Skype was the only app offering calls to non-Skype users at these nominal rates; however, with the introduction of new Viber Out feature; Viber users can now call non-Viber users using a similar platform.

The good thing about using these apps to make calls is the rates they offer, compared to what you get from local mobile carriers. Even though you buy credits, they are way cheaper than calling directly from your landline or mobile phone. This is a good way of saving money, yet keeping in touch with friends and family living abroad.

Mobility, Data and Quality of Calls

The aspects of data and mobility are very crucial when deciding on which app to use. When thinking mobile, Viber is the best as this app was originally engineered for mobile platforms and Skype was initially meant for the PC world. With matters concerning data usage, it is the best option to go for an app that consumes less data. Making voice calls using mobile carriers can be very expensive because of mobile connectivity. However, if you are looking for total mobility, a 3G or 4G connection is the most ideal. This can sometimes lead to huge amounts of data consumption when making VoIP calls.

Skype can be termed as a data guzzler when it comes to per-minute data consumption during calls. Despite this, Skype provides users with a better quality of voice clarity when compared to Viber. As much as it consumes volumes of data, Skype provides a better voice and video quality than Viber thanks to its HD voice and enhanced codecs.

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