Visceral Already Offering Cautions on Battlefield Hardline?

Battlefield has always been a game that epitomized standoffs between two different military squads or nations.

This time around though, Battlefield has changed its stance and introduced a cops and robbers theme. Though this is something entirely new that the developers have tried this time around, a lot of players have already given up on the franchise. Anticipating this, Visceral has already issued a statement that not all players may like what they see in Battlefield Hardline. Is it just us, or did DICE just got defensive?

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline

Despite the technical glitches and problems with Battlefield 4, fans are still waiting for Battlefield Hardline to come out. Their wait is filled with a lot of anxiety because this time around, Battlefield is going to assume a major change. After Battlefield 4’s disastrous launch, it is easy to think that Hardline would follow suit. However, these are two completely different teams working on the games. Hardline’s beta has already been successful and no matter what DICE believes, it has a potential for improving upon player experience. There would be more beta tests on every platform that the game ships to. This leaves very little room for error.

The Scale

The great news is that Battlefield Hardline is going to be launched on a huge scale. It will be available on five different platforms, and for each, it will have a lot of content to play with. This only makes things more interesting for everyone. At the trade shows where the game has already been run, it has been run for several thousand hours without even crashing once. This means that the scale at which the game is being planned for launch is not too ambitious.

The Thematic Shift

What DICE seems to be pointing at, is the thematic shift of the game, from being a purely violent game with clashes between soldiers in a single and multiplayer game between cops and robbers. Yes, this is a thematic shift, but who is to say that it would not be a huge hit. If the game play is absorbing and the game itself is immersive, then Hardline has the potential to be bigger than all other Battlefields before it. Visceral thinks that this theme was a really cool idea, and though they do not know how things are going to unfold once the game is launched, they are cautiously optimistic. So far, in the betas and the trade shows, the game has performed well. It seems to have god acceptance among players and therefore there is little doubt that the game would do well despite DICE’s reservations about it.

Why the Changed Stance?

DICE was able to make a decent game, but Visceral’s ideology is different and they didn’t feel like repeating what DICE had already done. They are not too critical of the paradigm shift that they have chosen and it seems that they are enjoying the run up to the launch of their much hyped game. Now, whether DICE’s prediction actually comes true, or whether Hardline surpasses the popularity of Battlefield 4, only time can really tell.

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