Waze – Helping You Outsmart the Traffic

Waze is a navigation application that has been recently acquired by Google.

It is powered by the community and offers real time information along with road alerts. The app is accurate and is full of useful features. The app is a free one and does not need the user to set up an account for using. It is considered among the best navigation applications offering turn-by-turn directions and the users love it. Waze is a very famous Israeli mapping organization that was bought over by Google for almost $1 Billion. The alerts are crowd sourced and offers instant and useful information to drivers. When you encounter difficulties related to accidents, blockades or any other road incident that can interfere with your travel, Google can offer you quicker routs that you can opt for or just choose to ignore.

Informing you in Advance

The social features of the application add a lot to the driving experience. It is the social element in the app that enables the user to report any accident, road incident, police activity, traps, blockages, construction and other road annoyances to other users in advance. You can know about these before you actually run into them, saving you a whole lot of trouble while commuting on the road.

Crowdsourcing Features

Waze’s features are mostly crowd-sourced, which brings it to the top of the category, as the information is usually accurate. Users can report any road issues, so that others are alerted before they reach the spot. The app collects such information from several sources. In addition, the application is capable of re plotting the course even if the phone crashes or if the application crashes or if anything else occurs that interrupts the navigation. You can easily browse around the route or take a look at the map whenever you wish and still come back to the vehicle view without having to tap on the screen.

More Social Features

The latest version also brings with it many additional social features. The main features revolve around your interaction with other road travelers. You can now make friend requests to new contacts. These can be pulled out from the existing list and also from the social media. The design of the app has also been revamped, so that users can now share their location with their friends and contacts. You can also save the location of a friend or contact, as this can be useful for future navigation. The app is also very useful for keeping track of people who have information related to your location.

One of the interesting features of the update is that you can now keep the app in focus even when you are taking a call on your phone. So if you have to answer the phone urgently, you don’t need to lose your bearings on the Waze map any more. Waze can be kept on screen even when you answer calls. Another interesting feature added to the application is called Places. Users can use this feature for adding or for editing information about any residences and businesses as well as other locations of interest.


Waze is incredibly useful while driving, but as with all other map applications, it depends on the way it handles real time incidents and situations. It has succeeded in bringing in very accurate data. When a user reports traffic data and other related information in real time, the app is able to aggregate the related data and help others who are headed in the same direction. You can report these incidents manually or actively or even passively by just keeping the app running in the background while driving.

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