WeChat Brings in Celebrity Stickers, More Coming Soon

WeChat is all set to make your conversations and voice calls more fun.

The app developer has come up with a new set of celebrity stickers which brings the likeness of your favorite personalities within the app. After all, it is always to impress a loved one or show off to a friend with a favorite celeb right? At the moment, the celebrity stickers are limited to Indonesia and we assume the company is testing waters. Once they acquire the necessary licenses for those who are internationally known, you might soon see your favorite pop star or movie actor winking in your messaging screen.

At the moment, the celebrity stickers available on WeChat include the Sassy Singer featuring Jupe, Hipster Solo Artist with Bastian Steel and Graceful Beauty featuring Luna Maya. The catch here is that if you don’t live in Indonesia or know anything about the country, you might hardly recognize any of these celebrities. Never worry because we are sure that the company will soon bring in local celebrity stickers for each country so that people could enjoy attaching them to their messages.

Meanwhile, you can start exploring the mobile wallet features, which resembles a bank passbook and is capable of handling a wide range of tasks. The Passbook style storage now allows users to store loyalty cards, pre-paid cards as well as plane tickets. It makes it much more convenient to keep them all handy so that you don’t have to carry a physical copy all the time. The feature is available only for users in China at the moment and it is open, only if you have the Chinese language version of the WeChat app installed on your phone.

Region Specific Features

Most new features of WeChat are being region specific for the moment as the company is trying to assess the situation before rolling out the features to the entire world. At the moment, they have introduced the concept of taking Vine like videos and sharing them over the chat app. You can use it from any country as it is widely open and start taking some exciting videos already. There’s also the WeChat version 6.0 update which has been scheduled to arrive soon that will fix a variety of bugs, issues and make the app much better to let you communicate without hassles. The Game Center of the same has been made tidier as well which is now much easier to browse through.


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