WeChat Will Redefine the Youth in You – Here’s Why

As the title suggests, you get to relive your youth using WeChat.

WeChat offers the younger generation with a handful of modern technological features, which can be accessed with ease. Certain features are exceptionally good in this WeChat App and here’s the list of it.

Your Knowledge Sharing Starts Here

WeChat’s special Web WeChat offers you with the splendid feature of transferring files to your colleague or business partner. You can share with your colleague, a file that’s lesser than 10 MB from your laptop to your phone.

You can also get to share PDF, MP3, MOV, MSOffice documents like Docx and PPT files and make this App the right place to share and learn apart from all the fun you can have here.

See What You See on FB

Like your FB page, you can also get to share status updates and pics on your WeChat App and get to have likes and comments. Tap and hold your camera icon for extended seconds until you see a text box appearing. Here’s where you can share your status and attach images to share with friends.

An added advantage is that you can decide on the list of friends you want to share that particular post with and view and reply to likes and comments.

Look Around to Make your Match

WeChat provides a ‘Look Around’ feature which you can log into and get to look for WeChat users who are around your locality and physically present close to you. You can also filter options to look at only female/male users and get socializing.

Once you have shifted to the Look Around mode, the other WeChat users will also be able to look for you while they are searching to make friends as well. The chance of matchmaking is more here. Get friendlier with people!

The Office Messenger is here

Other than its fun features, WeChat has its serious business too. In many offices, it is being used as the office messenger. With WeChat acting as your office messenger, you can get to access features like push to talk, moments, and look around etc. officially too. Using this as an office messenger will enable you to get broadcasted information time to time and also get blackberry messenger integrated in it.

Shortcuts to Browse through Favorites

While you are chatting in a chat room, you can always have a look at your favorite friend’s conversations and get to tag him/her in your chat. All this, just by keying in ‘@’ – once you enter @, you will be prompted with a new window asking you to choose the friend’s name you want to enter in there. Once you do so, you can tag that particular person to your chat or get to check the loop of messages he/she has shared.

Set your Time Preferences for Notifications

When you are busy all through the day, you would not like to receive WeChat notifications and advertisements. To spare yourself off this trouble, you can check the time settings in your app and set a preferred time where you get all the notifications at a stretch and read them at one time of the day.

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