WhatsApp Download And Installing On Your Tablet Easy As Ever

As many of you probably already know, WhatsApp is not compatible with tablets, but there are some ways to “trick” the system and make it work even on a tablet.

However, some solutions will require you doing some complex things, like rooting your device. However, there is a method that is quite simple and can be used by anyone who’s new to tablets. Keep in mind that this will make a separate account for your tablet, so if you want to have a unique ID for your tablet, this is an easy way to do it.


In order to create a WhatsApp account on your tablet, you will firstly need a new phone number (which you will probably not use, so just buy a SIM card with a number and use it) and a phone where you will insert the SIM during installation, to get verified.

You will also need WhatsApp APK file that can be downloaded from WhatsApp website to your tablet. In order to not get redirected to Google Play Store, use Firefox or Chrome as browser and request a desktop site. After you get to WhatsApp website, tap on Android download and the .apk file will be downloaded to your tablet. You can also use your PC to download the file and just transfer it to your tablet by using an USB cable or email.

At the same time, you will need to enable allowing installs from “Unknown Sources” by going to Settings->Security->Unknown Sources. Enabling this will allow .apk files being installed to your tablet, even if they don’t come from Google Play Store. We suggest you to disable “Unknown Sources” after you install WhatsApp, but if you plan on letting the “Unknown Sources” enabled, then you should always make sure you know what you are about to install, as there are many third party applications that can mess up with your device.

Installing WhatsApp on your tablet

After you install WhatsApp, you will then be asked for a phone number to register, insert the new phone number from the new SIM you just purchased. After that, it will obviously fail to verify you and this is when you will ask to verify yourself via SMS. You will then receive a new text message to your phone number with a code that will need to be inserted on WhatsApp. Once you’ve taken all these steps, WhatsApp will be installed on your tablet.

Keep in mind that this can be done even with your current phone number that you currently use on your installed WhatsApp from your phone. But once you do that, it will not be active anymore on your phone. With other words, this is the best way to do it, have two separated accounts from your smartphone and tablet. One you can use while at home in your bed (tablet) and the other one can be used while at work or when you are in the bus/streets.

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