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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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WhatsApp Download – One Of The Best Messaging Applications For Your Mobile…

WhatsApp Download – One Of The Best Messaging Applications For Your Mobile Devices By – Jan 12, 2015 73 0 SHARE

Without any doubt, WhatsApp has gained popularity in the past years and has become one of the most used messaging applications for mobile devices. We’re pretty sure that at least 1 out of 3 friends of yours that own a smartphone use this application. If you already own a smartphone and don’t use this application yet, then we’re going to tell you some things that you can do with it and maybe we’ll convince you to install it on your device.

What is WhatsApp?

Well, the answer at this question is quite simple. WhatsApp is an instant messaging application which allows you to send text, audio or photo files to the persons you have in your list of contacts. In order to use this application, you will be required to have an internet connection such as Wi-Fi or carrier data plan. Don’t worry if the other person is not from the same country with you, as you will not get overcharged for exchanging texts with him/her.

Here are other things that you can do while using WhatsApp.

Sending a conversation history to your email address

You can email yourself an entire conversation that you had with a contact on WhatsApp. To do this on Android, just tap on the Menu button->More->Email conversation. After that, write your email address and the conversation will be emailed to you. On iOS you will have to tap on Settings->Email chat history.

Changing the wallpaper from the chat window on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp you can change the wallpaper from the chat window. This way, you will be able to change the chat wallpaper everyday with just a few taps. In order to do this on your Android device, go to a WhatsApp chat window and tap on Chat Menu->Wallpaper and select a picture from your Android phone and chose it as a preset background. On iOS, you will have to go to Settings Menu->Conversation Settings->Chat Wallpaper.

Other useful applications for WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp File Sender

Files such as video, photo can be sent via WhatsApp with ease, but when it comes to files that have other formats, things get a bit complicated. However, by using WhatsApp File Send application, you can send these kinds of files via the messenger. This application bypasses the restriction by making WhatsApp think that the files you’re sending are “voice” messages and once the user receive them, they change back to the initial format.

Paint for WhatsApp

You can use your painting skills to make your own drawing which you can send later to your WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp Protector

As you already know, when you start WhatsApp you will not be asked for a password. This can be great if you are not sharing your device with other friends, but if you are a person who tends to share his device with others, then you should know that they can open WhatsApp and read all your private messages from there. However, by using WhatsApp Protector you will be able to add a password to your WhatsApp application, so every time someone tries to open it, (s)he will have to enter the password or else the application will not be unlocked.  In addition, if the password is not correct, the application will take a picture (if the device has a front camera) and you will know who tried to hack your WhatsApp.

WCleaner for WhatsApp

We’re pretty sure that you are using WhatsApp quite often, which means that there is a lot of cached and data storage that accumulates on device. The WCleaner lists where all this files and data are and you can easily select which you want to delete.

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy is one of the applications you will need if you want to know when one of your contacts was last seen on WhatsApp. This way you will know if (s)he’s been ignoring you or if (s)he didn’t have the time to join WhatsApp and read your messages.


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