WhatsApp – Features You Might have Overlooked

For the millions of people who love sending messages at no cost, WhatsApp is nothing but a savior.

However, WhatsApp has more to it than just sending free messages. There are several features that make chatting an awesome experience, but you might not have noticed them.

Here are some of the features that you are most likely to have missed:

Sending Chat History to another Person

If you want to send a conversation to a friend, it is simple. If you are using an Android device, select the “Menu” option on the bottom-right of the screen, then click on “More”. There you will see the option “Email Conversation”. Once you select it, an email will be created and it will have the entire conversation including any media files you might have shared. Once you enter the email address, hit send and the thread will automatically be sent. For those who have Apple devices, simple go to “Settings”, then select “Email chat history”.

Customize Chat Wallpaper

You do not have to keep looking at the same wallpaper over and again as it gets boring with time. To make it more exciting, you can change it by selecting the “Wallpaper” option from your chat menu. You can either select one from the WhatsApp Wallpaper application or simply get a picture you like from your gallery. The wallpaper app will be downloaded to your device once you select WhatsApp Wallpapers.

For those with iOS devices, select “Conversation Settings” from the settings menu and choose “Chat Wallpaper” and select the image that you would like to use.

Save Received Photos

Videos and images sent to you via WhatsApp are stored in the WhatsAppmediaWhatsApp Images file. If you have an Android device, you can see these images in your phone gallery and use them as contact pictures, share on social media among other options. For those with iOS devices, the images are saved in the Photo application.

Back up Your WhatsApp Chats

If you consider your WhatsApp threads important, then it is necessary to save them just in case the application has a problem. To do so, simply open the Settings menu and select “Chat preferences”, then tap on the “Chat history backup” button.

If you forget to make backups you should not worry, WhatsApp automatically backs up all your chats at 4 am daily.

Use Enter Key as Send Key

Since it is rare to type paragraphs on a WhatsApp text, the enter key is mostly rendered useless. However, you can always make it the send button for your chats.

To make this possible, go to the settings menu and select “Chat Preferences”. Check the “Enter is send” option. This is limited to Android devices.

  1. Create Shortcuts to Conversations

To do this, a long press on the contact you want on the WhatsApp contact list. From the popup menu, select “Add conversation shortcut” and it will appear on your home screen.

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