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Friday, January 23, 2015

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WhatsApp for PC Free Download – How to Get the Latest Features…

WhatsApp for PC Free Download – How to Get the Latest Features on your Desktop? By – Jan 19, 2015 254 0 SHARE

With more than 700 million users across the globe, WhatsApp is definitely the most popular instant messaging app when it comes to the instant messaging niche.  

WhatsApp was recently acquired by Facebook in a deal that was in the region of $21 billion and it is this takeover that is thought to spark the many recent changes and improvements in this application. Below are the top features that make this application the only viable platform for sending and receiving instant messages.

End-to-end encryption of data

WhatsApp recently included an end-to-end encryption to its platform to allow users to have conversations that are free from snooping. The latest WhatsApp for the Android users comes with this feature set to default and with it, you can be sure of the safety of your data, when using the app. Open Whisper Systems is behind this encryption and with the reputation this company has in this niche, it is expected that the security system implemented by WhatsApp for voice calls will be the most up to date.

Free voice calls

WhatsApp CEO announced sometimes last year that this application will be getting the updates for the voice calling feature. This is expected not to go further than the first quarter of 2015 and according to the latest speculations and leaked images from WhatsApp, this feature is looming and soon, the more than 700 million people already using WhatsApp will have access to this feature for free.

Voice calling features in WhatsApp

Those who will get a chance to make use of the application’s voice calling feature will have a number of features to enjoy and among them are making these calls over an internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G), recording of voice calls for later playback, slide-to-answer function, an option where you can reply to an incoming call via message rather than receive the call as well as a Bluetooth button for connecting headsets.

WhatsApp for PC using Emulators

WhatsApp has no official version for desktops; however, you can still enjoy these amazing features on your PC with the help of emulators. One such emulator is known as Andy and it has been highlighted in the below segment.


An Android emulator, Andy lets you use mobile apps as well as play mobile games on desktops. This application is available for free download from its official website. It’s rather simple to install the application using the onscreen instructions. Post installation, start the Android play store and search for WhatsApp. Click on it to download and install it on your PC.

Logging in using your Google account will help eliminate any slim chances of losing any data that has been synched between the Andy emulator and Android. However, you must ensure to enable the “ClickSync” option for this to work.

You can almost immediately start using WhatsApp on your PC and let go of your phone, whenever you are busy working on your desktop.


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