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Even if you are not using social applications too often, you probably know about WhatsApp and that you can send text messages for free to anyone by using only your mobile data or your Wi-Fi connection. It doesn’t take too much bandwidth and this is one of the main reasons why it got so popular. Earlier this year, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook and this raised questions about the privacy.

Is WhatsApp compromising your privacy?

WhatsApp is an application which allows you to communicate with your friends without being interrupted by nasty ads. Until now, it didn’t have any major hacking attacks that would compromise in any way the data of the users stocked on the WhatsApp servers. This means that WhatsApp comes with a strong encryption which allows you to communicate with your friends without having to worry about someone accessing your private information.

How your safety can be compromised

Like many other messaging applications, WhatsApp allow others to see when you read the last message or when you were last seen online. While this information seems to be harmless, this can be used against you by hackers. At the same time, letting everyone know your online history can be a problem too.

How to protect yourself

WhatsApp allows you to turn off the last time you was online feature, so that nobody will know when you were last time online. To disable this feature, you will have to go to WhatsApp Settings->Privacy->Last seen and set it “Nobody” so that no one will be able to see when you’ve been last seen on WhatsApp.

Other threats that come with WhatsApp

For now, there are no other known threats which come with WhatsApp. If you install a good antivirus on your device, chances that you will get hacked will dramatically decrease. A good antivirus will be able to keep your applications safe so that all your private data will not be touched by anyone. Also, a good way to keep your device safe is that when you install a new application always try to read as much as you can about it on the internet. And if the application comes with some privacy settings, try to restrict them as much as possible.

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