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Saturday, March 28, 2015

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WhatsApp Free Download – Users to Enjoy Quality Voice Calls on 2G…

WhatsApp Free Download – Users to Enjoy Quality Voice Calls on 2G and 3G Networks By – Mar 2, 2015 820 0 SHARE

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications across the globe.

This is simply because this application is used to send and receive instant messages, which is the common means of communication with today’s young generation.

Rather than use SMS, people have opted to use instant messages as their main means of communication; with WhatsApp offering them a very easy-to-use platform over which they can text, photo and voice as well as video message, any of their friends, using the application too. The good thing with WhatsApp is that you don’t have to worry about the location of your friend since the app has no limitations as far as geographical locations are concerned.

The only thing you’ll need in order to connect to your friends using WhatsApp is an internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi). Using Wi-Fi will ensure that you don’t pay a single cent for sending messages over WhatsApp; however, when you use mobile data, you’ll be charged for the data packs by your mobile carrier.

WhatsApp voice calls ready to start rolling out

Just recently, there have been reports of a WhatsApp voice calling feature available for some limited users as well as devices. Some users of this application in India had reportedly used this feature to make calls to other WhatsApp users, who would in turn have the voice calling feature activated on their WhatsApp account upon receiving the call. Unfortunately, the invitation basis for this WhatsApp voice calls has been disabled by the company and now users can no longer invite others into trying out the application’s new feature.

The brief release of the free voice calling feature for WhatsApp users is thought to be a move by the company that was intended to test the functionality of this feature in poor network connection, for instance 2G networks. India is one of the largest WhatsApp markets, boasting a user base of more than 70 million users, who are active monthly subscribers. It is expected that this feature will soon be launched and all users will now start making free calls using the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp voice calls on PCs

WhatsApp recently introduced a PC version of the app, which is a web client that can be used to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages using a desktop. Even though the WhatsApp Web client has come in to be received with many mixed reactions, this application is a huge step by this company towards expanding the scope of access of this application.

WhatsApp Web has a number of limitations that include inability to make changes to your profile, change your status, and create a group, among others. Better still; the basic functions of WhatsApp can still be accessed from the PC end, which is something that is expected to be maintained, once the full WhatsApp voice call feature has been released. WhatsApp users will still be able to make voice calls using their desktops, respond to incoming calls from this end, as well as transfer calls between these devices. Furthermore, users of WhatsApp will also be able to make calls from a PC to a phone as well as from a phone to a PC without any hassles.

Quality WhatsApp voice calls over 3G and 2G networks

WhatsApp is expected to offer users with some of the best call quality as opposed to many other VoIP providers that include WeChat, Line, Viber and Tango. One area that this application is expected to beat its competitors is the ability to offer quality voice calls over 2G networks. This is something that has eluded most providers as there are usually huge difficulties when making calls on 2G/EDGE networks.

WhatsApp was reportedly working on this and as it seems, the tests have revealed some positive feedback. WhatsApp was aware of the millions of users who cannot access 3G or 4G networks and as such, it had to work around things in order to accommodate them rather than face the risk of losing these users.

You’ll never miss a call on WhatsApp. The notification system for messages will still work for calls, where you can still chose a ringtone for your calls. It will also be possible to send and receive messages while using the voice calling feature, however, making video calls is yet to be featured, but it’s expected sooner than later.


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