WhatsApp – Free Downloadable App and How To Use It

WhatsApp has over 200 million active users globally and is one of the most popular cross platform communication App available in the market today.

Allowing users to send messages, pictures, videos, locations, audio notes, and even contacts across different platforms, WhatsApp has a clear selling point.

We have had other messaging services and apps before but none of them was as versatile and smooth. We aim to look the reasons behind WhatsApp’s meteoric popularity while others have failed to make a dent.

Why People Use Whatsapp?

No denying its popularity, here are some of the top reason why people use WhatsApp.

It’s Free:

The app uses the internet to send and receive messages, which means unlike sms all these messages can be sent free of cost.

Connects Different Platforms:

There were plenty of apps before that allowed to send files and text to user using similar devices. However, this is one of the few Apps out there that can be downloaded using a iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry phones, Windows Phones, and Nokia devices. The fun part is that the app allows all of these devices can communicate with each other.

Everyone’s Using It:

Being one of the most popular messaging app means that everyone is using it already spreading it’s reach far and wide. There is no point in downloading a messaging app that no one uses. WhatsApp on the other hand connects more than 200 million global users enabling them to communicate with each other.

Easy To Use:

The WhatsApp is clean and simple. The navigation button at the bottom houses all the important keys like contacts, chats, settings, and favorites. The interface is not cluttered with buttons and options and has an overall simplistic look. This makes it extremely easy to use for anyone from tech geeks to new smartphone users.

Furthermore, some of the main features of WhatsApp are;

No Advertisements:

WhatsApp does not feature any advertisement to enable a cleaner messaging experience for their users. Instead they charge a small subscription fee for their year long service.

Multi Device App:

This single app lets users communicate between different device. This means a users using an android device can now send messages, pics, audio, locations, contacts and other information to users using Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Window devices.

Not Just A Text Messaging Service:

WhatsApp is an amazingly versatile app. Not just restricting itself to text messaging, it enables users to send pictures and videos from their phone memory. Another neat feature that can finally make vague paper napkin drawn directions obsolete is the ability send locations on map.

How and Where do you Download it?

The app can be downloaded from its official website, iTunes App Store, or from the Android marketplace.


It’s like downloading any other apps. Users have to tap the Google Store icon. Once the page opens, the fastest way to download the app is by searching it. Tapping the search or the icon that looks like a magnifying glass will open up the search menu. After successfully finding all anyone has to do is tap on the ‘Install’ button and let it load. After its installed it automatically shows up in the App gallery.


Like all other apps the WhatsApp can be downloaded through the iTunes store. A simple search for ‘WhatsApp’ directly displays the download page of the App. Clicking on the blue pricing button displays a popup menu asking for the Apple ID. After entering the details the applications starts downloading.


Users needs to go to the WhatsApp messenger homepage using Blackberry World. This displays a description page with a big blue download button in the center. After clicking the button users have to enter their Blackberry user id and password. After clicking a confirmation button, Blackberry send the app to the phone after which it starts to download. After the download is complete the WhatsApp icon appears in ‘My World’.

So now you know the basics, just take action and download it then put it to good use!

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