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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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WhatsApp Free Downloading and Installing With New Features, Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp Free Downloading and Installing With New Features, Tips and Tricks By – Oct 28, 2014 0 0 SHARE

WhatsApp can be installed on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phones. The first year of use will be free, but after that, you will need to pay 0.99 dollars per year. Let’s face it, paying only 0.99 dollars for an entire year, to be able to use the great features it comes with, is like stealing from WhatsApp.

  1. Here are a few of the features that WhatsApp comes with

No hidden charges

The application has no hidden charges and it allows you to send messages, music, video and other small files for free to any of your WhatsApp friends.

You may send how many messages you want daily and you won’t be charged a single penny for that. The application is using your 3G or Wi-FI internet connection to send all these messages, so if you have enough data plan on your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about extra charges.

Group Chat

If you have common friends using WhatsApp, you can invite them all to a group chat and talk with all of them at once. This is a great feature if you want to talk with your group of friends about what you are going to do in the upcoming weekend.

Last Seen Feature

This feature made quite a few waves over the internet as a lot of WhatsApp users didn’t want to “share” with other friends when they were last logged in on WhatsApp. At first, you were unable to disable this feature, but the developers noticed that there were many people disappointed because they couldn’t disable it whenever they wanted to.

Finally, this feature can now be disabled and if you disable it, your friends are not able to see when you were seen last time on WhatsApp.

No international charges

It doesn’t matter if your friend is from a foreign country, because WhatsApp is not going to charge you, as it uses the internet connection.

No username and password required

This feature might not be enjoyed by everyone because you will use your phone number to register and once registered, you won’t be asked for a username and password to log into WhatsApp. With other words, anyone who will get his/her hands on your phone, will be able to access your WhatsApp. However, there are ways to lock your WhatsApp, but we’re going to tell you more below, at the Tips and Tricks section.

Offline messages

If you are offline and your friend is sending you messages, you don’t need to worry, because those messages will be sent to you once you log back to WhatsApp.

  1. WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Changing your WhatsApp number

As we told you above, when you register to WhatsApp, you will use your phone number. But what happens if you want to change your WhatsApp number without losing any messages? While this feature was not available with the old versions of WhatsApp, now you can change the number by going to WhatsApp Settings->Account->Change number. You will have to enter the old and the new phone number and tap on “Done”. After that, a verification code will be sent to the old phone number, which you will need to introduce and once you’ve done that, the WhatsApp account will have the new number. Keep in mind that the old phone number’s “account” will be completely deleted.

Getting WhatsApp notifications to your PC

If you are one of those persons who spend a lot of their time in front of a PC, then you should use the Desktop Notification application that allows you to get all your Android notifications and check them via the web browsing. You will need to install Desktop Notifications on your Android device, which will allow you see all the message notification you get on your smartphone from your PC web browser.

After you install Desktop Notification on your Android smartphone, you will have to install a Firefox or Chrome extension on your PC. To link the Firefox or Chrome extension from your PC to your Android smartphone, you will have to use a code that will be shown on your smartphone.

Locking Your WhatsApp

As we told you above, we’re going to teach you how to lock your WhatsApp, so that when you give your smartphone for a few minutes to a friend, you won’t ask yourself “is he going to check my WhatsApp messages?”. In order to lock your WhatsApp application on your Android device, you will have to install WhatsApp Lock. After you install it, you will be able to set a password which will always have to insert it when opening WhatsApp. This is a great way to keep away people who use your device from time to time from your WhatsApp account.

Sending all kinds of files via WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to send only video and audio files, but there is a trick you can use to send even PDF, ZIP, RAR or any other formats you may think off by using an application called Whats Packed 2 Ads. Keep in mind that your friend will need to have it installed also to make it work.




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