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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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WhatsApp Free Update: What You Need to Know About Upcoming WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Free Update: What You Need to Know About Upcoming WhatsApp Web By – Dec 19, 2014 7 0 SHARE

A recent version of WhatsApp contained code that mentioned “WhatsApp Web”. Likewise, that same update contained various tidbits that referenced computer logins. Chances are high that WhatsApp is developing a Web-based interface for its popular messaging app. Over 600 million users are active on the app and use it at least once per month.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the company to create a website version of its app. Doing so can only bring more users to the platform and increase its popularity.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging service on smartphones today. Users don’t sign up for an account because everything is tied to their device’s actual phone number. Through the app, each person can create their own profile and leave status updates. They can send voice, picture, and text messages to their friends or family members. Few messaging apps offer as many features or come with as many capabilities as WhatsApp. Undoubtedly, this helps explain the app’s popularity among users worldwide.

How Will WhatsApp Web Work?

Since WhatsApp doesn’t use traditional logins, it’s hard to say how the company will deal with login credentials. It’s likely that QR codes or a similar authentication method will be used. Each person will scan a QR code from the website in order to log into their account. Without the proper security interface, accounts won’t be stable and secure from unauthorized access. The QR code solution is likely because the app already utilizes such codes for a variety of reasons.

Otherwise, WhatsApp Web would work fairly similarly to the WhatsApp smartphone apps. Users will still be able to contact each other through voice, picture, and text with ease. They won’t be charged for the service, considering the smartphone app is completely free to use. However, an online interface allows for extended profiles and a variety of other features that aren’t found on smartphones. All of these additional features can only benefit users more in the long-term, which is always preferable for active users.

Where Will WhatsApp Web Be Available?

Fortunately, WhatsApp Web should work on every computer, including Windows PCs and Macs. The service will work from a Web browser, and most browsers should be supported. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Chances are high that a number of other browsers will be supported too. In the end, it benefits WhatsApp most to become available on as many browsers as possible, so that users don’t face any limitations in trying to utilize the service.

Download WhatsApp Today

Users can download WhatsApp from virtually any smartphone, no matter their operating system or hardware. When WhatsApp Web is released, users will be able to access their accounts directly from any computer, including Windows PCs. There’s no tentative release date available for WhatsApp Web, even though it has more than likely been in development for some time now. The company needs to get this interface and the login process perfected before releasing anything. If WhatsApp Web is released too early on, then users could run into a variety of usability issues and other problems.


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