WhatsApp Free vs iPhone’s iMessage – Which is Best?

One of the best things about owning Apple’s iPhone is that there’s really no need to download other free messaging and calling apps because they already have their own – iMessage and FaceTime.

Like other apps, these two services can be accessed with the use of an internet connection. If you’re not connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or 3G, you can’t use iMessage and FaceTime. However, even if Apple already has these two, a lot of its users still download other apps. One of the most downloaded free messaging apps is WhatsApp Free. With iMessage already available, will you still download WhatsApp Free?

How iMessage Works

As mentioned, iMessage already comes with your iPhone. You don’t have to download it, and it’s free. When the person you’re sending the text to also has an iMessage, you’ll be able to send your messages for free. The good thing about iMessage is that when you don’t have a working connection, you can have the option of sending the message through a regular text. You can also tell the difference between a regular text message and an iMessage through the color of the text bubbles – blue for iMessage and green for regular text messages.

How WhatsApp Free Works

You have to download a third-party app like WhatsApp Free. Downloading WhatsApp is free but after a year, you will be charged around $1 annually for subscription. WhatsApp Free uses your number for registration – that’s one disadvantage of WhatsApp Free. You still need to register before you can start using the app. Once you’ve registered, the list of the people from your phone’s contact list who use WhatsApp can be found in the Favorite section.

iMessage Advantages and Disadvantages

We already mentioned one advantage of iMessage, which is it’s already on your iPhone, and no download is required. This works fine for people who don’t like downloading another messaging app from the App Store. Another advantage of iMessage over WhatsApp Free is that it’s free. You don’t have to pay for your subscription after one year. If all of your friends and family use an iPhone, iMessage is a great way to send free messages. On the other hand, if you have friends who don’t use an iPhone, iMessage cannot be your form of communication since iMessage is only available for iOS users.

WhatsApp Advantages and Disadvantages

WhatsApp has a great service, in the sense that it doesn’t deliver delayed messages. You can be sure that your messages will be sent to the recipients on time, unlike with iMessage where there have been reports about getting the messages late. One big advantage that WhatsApp Free has over iMessage is that it is a cross-platform messaging app, meaning you can use it to send and receive messages from friends who use different devices and who have WhatsApp Free installed on their devices. The disadvantage of WhatsApp is the charge of $1 per year, but some people don’t actually consider that as a disadvantage because it’s only a small amount and with the kind of service that WhatsApp Free has, it is worth the money.

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