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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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WhatsApp Groups – How to Manage Effectively?

WhatsApp Groups – How to Manage Effectively? By – Oct 21, 2014 10 0 SHARE

It feels great to be an administrator of an online sharing site.

You are the head of a chat group that depends on you to drive useful conversation and pass influential opinions across. That aside, how do you ensure that the group does not fall apart and actually grows? Here are some of the workable tricks that sustain WhatsApp groups.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

As an admin, do your homework and find the people with whom you share common interests such as sports, politics, business, and lifestyle issues. They say that birds of the same feathers flock together. WhatsApp users with common interests are likely to converge in a particular chatroom to discuss their favorite topics. Find compatible companions who will not only support your intellectual argument but also challenge your viewpoint. In this way, you grow together informed in current affairs thanks to WhatsApp.

Sense of Belonging

Some members drop out of the group because of the demeanor of the admin. If the admin wants to run the show every time, the members will reach for the Delete and Exit Group button. Who will you blame for this? Frankly, as an admin, you should blame yourself if you cannot delegate little errands in the group to the members.

Members like being appreciated and constantly look for a group they can feel (that) they belong. They want a place they can be listened to not just being talked at and being shouted down every time they want to air their opinions.

To keep group members busy and attentive, consider assigning them tasks such as coming up with the day’s agenda, posting photos, videos, sending text messages and even changing the group profile photo. Hands -off administrators enable the group members to exercise their imagination and creativity. A domineering admin is likely to bore the chat mates and make them feel trapped or even conned. It is such feelings of discontent that triggers exit from the group.

Integrate Offline Activities

There is particular fickleness of being online. Internet denotes unreal and being virtual. Members want something they can touch and believe. In this case they want a tangible activity they can get involved in. Since most groups are formed by buddies and not just strangers, it is important to involve social activities to complement the fluidity of the online chat. For example, if the members share a common interest like a Sacco, they can upload photos of the AGMs, parties and even minutes they deliberated on.

The admin can also use the forum to remind the group of upcoming events such as a fundraiser so that the members are mobilized well in advance. This way WhatsApp will be driving the development agenda rather than being used for cheap chat.

WhatsApp groups can accommodate more than 50 members. This is a great quorum to network with. As an admin, you should take charge and have many individuals join your group and not sit back and watch your group fall apart.


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