WhatsApp – Is it the Best Modern Day Messenger?

For anyone who uses messaging apps, it is impossible not to have the WhatsApp application on their smartphone.

This application is compatible with different operating systems including Symbian, Blackberry and Windows. WhatsApp is simply an application that can be used to send instant messages to other users of the app.

WhatsApp has grown to become one of the most used free messaging apps, so much so that every other messaging app has to be compared to WhatsApp to gauge its effectiveness and features. The best thing about WhatsApp is the fact that the updates are released often to offer better performance and new features. These changes are what keep WhatsApp at the forefront of messaging apps.

Here are some features that make WhatsApp a joy to use.

Giving Faces to Your Friends

There are times when you have favorite pictures of your close friends on your phone. If you prefer these pictures to those used as profile pictures by your friends, you can simply replace them with your favorite pictures. To be able to change the pictures, simply choose the picture and resize it to 561×561 pixels. Once you have resized it to WhatsApp preferences, you simply assign it to your contact. You will need to go to your SD card’s memory and click on WhatsApp. Navigate to the profile picture and use your picture of choice to overwrite the profile picture your friend is using.

Having Several WhatsApp Accounts  

As technology continues to advance, there has grown a trend in the manufacture of smartphones with more than one Sim card slot. For this reason, many people have more than one mobile number. WhatsApp has been updated to support multiple accounts for one user. All you need to have is one main WhatsApp account that has all the other accounts embedded on it. To be able to do this, you will have to download the ‘SwitchMe’ app. With this app, you can use different WhatsApp profiles that are operated from one WhatsApp account.

Refreshing the Memory and Recovering the Account    

It is normal to delete conversations on WhatsApp and later realize that you need some chats on those conversations. WhatsApp has been updated to make it possible for users to recover their lost chats from the SDcard. All messages on WhatsApp are stored in the SD card. Simply navigate to SD card settings and find ‘WhatsApp messages’ folder. Access the database to recover the messages. Recovery of trashed messages can be done according to the date format.

Tracking Other People’s WhatsApp Messages

It is possible to track other people’s WhatsApp messages. All you have to do is download the Spymaster Pro app to the person’s phone to be able to track the person’s WhatsApp activity.

Controlling Auto-Download

Giving WhatsApp users the ability to control auto-download on videos and messages is one of the best updates to ever be offered for this app. It is now possible for users to choose whether or not to download the video or message. This can be controlled from the ‘media auto-download’ options found in chat settings on WhatsApp settings. Here, you will find varying options for auto-downloading based on the type of internet connection in use.

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