WhatsApp Latest Update – Now You Can ‘Mute’ Groups

WhatsApp is no doubt the leader when it comes to free online messaging.

You can send and receive as many messages as you want, without having to worry about increasing your mobile phone bills. WhatsApp also gives you the ability to create and join groups, where you can have group chats with several of your contacts at the same time. This is a great way to be in touch with everyone who knows one another at the same time. However, the group functionality had some inherent issues, which the messaging app has tried to fix in its latest update.

WhatsApp Android Update

The new update for WhatsApp on Android bumps the latest app version to 2.11.186. This much-needed update fixes a lot of privacy issues that had gone unseen and unaddressed by the messaging app previously. This time, the app has added some special settings for your profile photos, last seen statistics, and your status. You can now control who is able to see all of this information, and who is not. In addition to these privacy settings, WhatsApp now also allows you to add a camera shortcut that allows you to quickly send photos in a chat message. You can also add video thumbnails to make your chats more interesting and detailed. On Android, you can now get a WhatsApp widget that shows all the unread messages you have on your WhatsApp account. For anyone who uses Android 3.0 or any of the higher versions, these features are already available as updates. Another great feature is that you can now use your Android phone to pay for your friends’ WhatsApp subscription of $0.99 from the second year of use.

Mute Group Conversations

While groups are a lot of fun, not all of its members have a lot to contribute to the conversations. So if you found yourself embroiled in a group conversation that you do not have anything to contribute to, you had no choice, but to be buzzed anytime anyone sent a message to the group. The only option to stop getting so many messages was to actually leave the group. Fortunately, this problem has been removed by WhatsApp’s technical team. There are several time frames for which you can mute conversations from a group. So if your group members are especially active on a given day, you can mute the group for that one day. If you feel that you just want to check in and read the group messages every once in a while you can put the group on mute for a complete year. You also now have the option to permanently mute a group, and read the messages only when you really want to. Another great addition to group messaging is that you can now hide its notifications as well. If you have a group on mute, WhatsApp would not even send you notifications. You can uncheck the options for notifications in the group settings, and you will stop getting any new notifications and updates from the group.

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