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Friday, April 17, 2015

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WhatsApp Now Tells You When Your Message was Read – Thanks to…

WhatsApp Now Tells You When Your Message was Read – Thanks to Blue Ticks By – Nov 25, 2014 3 0 SHARE

For sure, like many people, you have also used the excuse “read your message just now” over and over again for not replying immediately back to someone who sent you a message.

This excuse is widely known and acceptable since some apps don’t have the feature that lets senders know if the recipients have read the message already. However, WhatsApp has taken this simple pleasure from its users, because, now the sender will be able to see when you have read their message and yes, if you just chose to ignore it.

The Blue Double Tick Marks

Just recently, WhatsApp users noticed a slight change in their chat box with the appearance of the double check marks in color blue, beside their last message sent. What do they stand for? In case you’re wondering, these two check marks are the indicator that your message was read by the person. This feature came unexpectedly, especially because it was not accompanied by any updates of the app. One minute they weren’t there and the next, there they are, confusing its users what it meant at first.

WhatsApp Explained

Most users were surprised when it was explained that the blue check marks indicate that a message was read. Many of them thought that the previous double gray check marks in the text bubble meant that the message has been read. As it turned out, those check marks only indicate that the message was delivered to the recipient’s device. The single gray check mark indicates that your message was successfully sent. Now, when you send a message in WhatsApp, the message will first have a single check mark indicating that it was sent from your device, and then the check mark will be doubled to indicate that the message was received, and lastly, the color blue tick marks once it was actually seen by the recipient. You can also view the exact time the message was seen by holding down the message and clicking info to view time stamps.

Privacy Issues

This added feature was quietly added to WhatsApp without any warning to its users which earned the company their ire. Users want the option to disable this little feature, because they feel that it is some kind of an invasion into their privacy. While WhatsApp is not the only messaging app to have this feature, it is only one of the few that don’t allow users to disable it. WhatsApp is yet to release an update to allow users to disable this function.

Get Rid of the Blue Check Marks

As of now, Android users are the only ones who can get rid of this function but it will take more effort to achieve this. If you’re using WhatsApp on an Android device, you will need to update the app from its official website. Unfortunately, this is the only first step to do it and it takes more work to complete the process. If you don’t want to go through such trouble, you can just wait for when WhatsApp releases an update that will allow you to turn off the feature.


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