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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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WhatsApp Plus for iPhone vs Android Phone

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Communication is a very important part of everyday life. It keeps us in touch with the people who matter to us most. It is the fastest way to get stories from friends and family even when you are in different geographical locations. A very important aspect to any society and relationships is community since it keeps people together in harmony with each other.

Mobile devices have grown in terms of usage over the past couple of years. Android and iPhone devices are sold each day with updates and newer editions coming out. With a mobile device, you can install all the apps that you need in order to be productive and in touch. There are a lot of applications available in both the android and the iOS app store. These apps have varied uses depending on how they are designed and implemented.

Communication apps come in all shapes and sizes on various app stores. There are apps that are specialized for video calling, text messages, email and even chat. Chat applications are among the most popular apps owing to their ease of use and widespread reach. WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular.

Born out of a need to include the features that people desired but were not in the original WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus is a very convenient app that places the control in your hands. You can decide how the app will look right down to the color of the text and the font used.

A number of privacy features in the app such as hiding your last seen come in useful when you don’t want to be bothered. WhatsApp Plus is a mod of the original version and contains all the other amazing features that are in the original version such as end-to-end encryption, voice messages and so on.

WhatsApp Plus for iPhone and the version for android phones gives the users more control over their privacy. You can decide on what information will be seen by the outside world and what information will remain private. The android version is available on different app stores as well as other third party sites. The iOS version can be loaded to your device via the app store with an optional $0.99 subscription for premium features.

Both versions share a similar set of customization and privacy control features thus making it easy to communicate with friends and loved ones. The usual restriction on file sizes when sending multimedia content such as video and images is also lifted to 50mb allowing you to send more massive files. This is a huge improvement over the original WhatsApp version which has lower file size restrictions.

In conclusion, WhatsApp Plus has changed the way we handle communication with friends and family. We can do more with the features that come with this app such as customization, privacy and so on. Both the iPhone and the android versions share a common set of features thus making chatting on mobile devices easy, safe and fun. For just $0.99, you get to chat with anyone safe in the knowledge that your privacy is intact.


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