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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Whatsapp Plus Free Download For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Whatsapp Plus Free Download For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch By – Nov 15, 2014 32859 0 SHARE

When WhatsApp was first introduced, it received tremendous response and is now characterized by millions of worldwide users.

However, other apps have introduced new capabilities and as VoIP software continues to advance, it can only be expected that the trend will continue. There are quite a number of capabilities the original WhatsApp could not manage.

Fortunately, its developers have created WhatsApp Plus which comes with additional features such as ability to share music files, hide online status and last seen and the reputable stealth mode. The WhatsApp plus free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available at Google Play and Apple stores where users of such gadgets can quickly install and use it.

Download and installation

Downloading WhatsApp plus is no different from the original or any other Google Play app for that matter. The process is very simple and quick. Simply access the Google play through any of the steps listed below;

  • Search to access the store. Once you are on the site, type WhatsApp Plus in their search box and a list of results will be displayed. Choose the specific option and click install.
  • Search Google Play on any search engine and click on the result that displays their URL. This will take you to the above link. You can also search WhatsApp Plus on Google Play and the results will include an exact download page which is basically the page you get after searching the app on Google Play’s search box.
  • Search for Apple Store and WhatsApp in their search box.
  • Go to Android Market or Apple store and search the app from either search boxes. From the results, you can choose the appropriate option and click install or download.

To download WhatsApp, you must have a working Gmail address or Apple account. You will need to provide your phone number since the app is installed on one device and OS at a time. You must also agree to the terms and conditions. Once installed, WhatsApp will carry out a few startups that include prompting you to add a profile picture, update status and import previous messages from their databases. When this is done, you can start using your WhatsApp Plus and connect with other users worldwide. WhatsApp automatically syncs with your phonebook and you can invite users from your contact book just like with the original version.

Use and new features

Using WhatsApp plus on your iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone is no different from the original app. You can send voice messages, text messages, video files and pictures to other users. You can now also send music files and other multimedia.

Additionally, you can hide online status and last seen details to allow you interact stealthily without being seen. It is also possible to disable Read Recipient which prevents double checking even for sent messages. Other additions include stealth mode and night mode.


WhatsApp is a favorite VoIP among many app users and the new upgrades for iOS8 now includes iPad, iPod and iPhone users. The app is simple to download and only takes a few seconds to be ready for immediate use. Ensure the app is downloaded from legit providers such as Google Play or Apple Store.


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