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Friday, April 3, 2015

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WhatsApp Plus Offers More Amazing Features than Green-themed WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus Offers More Amazing Features than Green-themed WhatsApp By – Jan 4, 2015 13 0 SHARE

WhatsApp is a very famous app that is well known to millions of people across the globe as it helps them send and receive text messages, voice and video messages.

Users of all iPhones, Android mobiles, Windows Phones, BlackBerry, Bada, Symbian and Nokia can access and use this app to send and receive messages regardless of the gadget they own or are sending to.

The rise of WhatsApp to popularity has come in just at the right time; a time when the economic status is not the best and people are looking for means to cut on communication costs; something that has turned out to become very essential in our day to day lives. WhatsApp has drastically reduced the expenses associated with sending SMS.

WhatsApp Offers More than Just Sending Messages

WhatsApp is a famous app used for sending and receiving text messages regardless of the geographical location of the users. However, you can also use this platform to hold group chats consisting of up to 100 people, while at the same time sharing images, audio as well as video messages at absolutely no cost.

Just like with the many other instant messaging apps out there, the only thing you need is a reliable internet connection. WhatsApp is a lightweight application and as such, it uses less RAM, has less effect on the phone’s CPU and also uses up a smaller bandwidth.

WhatsApp Plus is More Refined than WhatsApp

The developers’ team came up with another version of this app and it goes by the name WhatsApp Plus. Why the plus? This is s because this version comes with additional features that you won’t find on the original WhatsApp. The most obvious difference between these two apps is WhatsApp Plus has a blue theme while WhatsApp has a green theme.

More Personalization Options

The app offers users with more customization options where it is easy to personalize the app to fit your desired visual preferences.

It is possible to customize contact names, backgrounds, status of your contacts, menus as well as the color of the texts in your message window, just like you want them. You can use your own customization options or use the built-in themes in the application’s store, where you can find numerous pre-defined surfaces for free.

Send Larger Multimedia Files on WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp offers users with the ability to send photos, audio as well as video messages. However, the size of these files has been restricted to 12 MB in this version. This is a restriction that is reduced in the new WhatsApp Plus where users can send file sizes of up to 30 MB.


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