WhatsApp to Introduce Free Voice Calling Feature Soon

No one can simply brush it off as a rumor; because, with Facebook acquiring WhatsApp and the company facing tough competition against the likes of Viber and We Chat, it is not surprising to know they are busy gearing up to introduce free voice calling features.

The internet based text messaging service played an integral role in killing the text messages and it grew to phenomenal heights with a user base of 600 million and is growing even now. Its growth attracted multiple investors; but Facebook was the one that managed to bag it. The company didn’t pay so much to keep it just like that, right? They are definitely going to expand and the first signs of introducing voice calling are already out.

Allow Microphone Option

While WhatsApp is the biggest player in the text messaging market, so far they are losing the voice calling race to Skype and Viber. From what we have seen recently, it looks like the company is gearing up to join the bandwagon and allow users to make calls as well. The newest update for the iOS8 version of the app, the release notes mention, is a pop-up, which requires special permission from users. The app wishes to use the microphone on the iPhone, because it says that the access is mandatory to send voice messages, make videos with sound as well as to receive or make voice calls. That definitely confirms all the rumors and it won’t be long before they officially make the announcement.

Free Voice Calling

Most users expect WhatsApp to allow free voice calling as it already does with text messages. You will be charged only for the data usage, which is now easier with a wide range of affordable plans being offered by multiple carriers. Once they introduce this feature, we can confidently claim that it would easily become an app that globally dominates the communication scenario. Recently, they have been rolling out multiple updates for iOS8 and are also working to improvise the user experience on the Android Kit Kat operating systems.

Keep your fingers crossed, because soon you may be making calls to your friends and family using the app. Meanwhile, if you are looking for free voice calling apps, you should definitely consider the lesser known alternatives, such as Tango, Kakao and Google Hangouts, among others. Each one of them has their own set of pros and cons. Pick the one that best suits your needs.


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