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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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WhatsApp to Launch Free Calling Feature Very Soon – Update Includes Enhanced…

WhatsApp to Launch Free Calling Feature Very Soon – Update Includes Enhanced Notification System and Support for more Mobile Platforms By – Dec 20, 2014 19 0 SHARE

Skype and Viber are the only apps that are keeping WhatsApp from the top as the best provider of communication services over the internet.

The main reason why these two apps surpass WhatsApp in this sector is because Skype and Viber offer users the ability to make free voice and video calls, in addition to sending and receiving text messages.

WhatsApp to Charge Less than Skype and Viber for Making Calls

At the moment, Viber offers users within the U.S. the ability to make free calls to all landlines and charges them as little as 1.9 cents per minute for making calls to mobile phones within the same country. Skype comes in with a much cheaper option of 1.7 cents per minute, but there are no free calls to landlines.

According to the latest rumors, it is believed that WhatsApp will offer this service at a rate that is much lower than what is currently being offered by its two greatest rivals. This is something that has led to a renewed interest in this app.

WhatsApp boasts a massive user base of more than 600 million users and this has been even better since Facebook took over reigns at WhatsApp and now the app has already recorded a 15% growth with respect to the number of users.

WhatsApp has no Annoying Ads

Even though WhatsApp is not alone in this instant messaging niche, it is very different from the other providers of this service. Unlike other apps that come with annoying ads and distractions like stickers and games, WhatsApp is simple and it has nothing else occupying your chat window other than your conversations. Furthermore, WhatsApp has been labeled as a lightweight app and this means that this app uses up the least amount of mobile data and it will be a very economical way of making voice and video calls.

WhatsApp also allows users to share videos and other multimedia files with ease. Furthermore, there is little to worry about when it comes to compatibility issues since this app can be used on a multitude of mobile devices and the call service can easily be used on any device.

This feature will be a huge benefit to WhatsApp as it will only serve to increase the number of users subscribed to this app.

Make Calls using WhatsApp for BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia OS

Recently, the CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, announced that the latest version of WhatsApp would include the latest features. In addition, he mentioned that the developers of the app were working on versions for other platforms like BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia.

Enhanced Notifications System 

The latest version of WhatsApp will feature a new notifications system where users can preset their ringtone of choice to be used in case of an incoming message or call. It is expected that WhatsApp will offer internet based calls for free. However, how the app is set to manage this process is yet to be disclosed.

In order for this to work, it will be required that a speakerphone as well as a mute button be installed. If this voice and video calling feature is included in the updated version of WhatsApp, it will be a huge blessing for users as they will no longer have to incur heavy charges of calling friends and relatives. In fact, many users will find it convenient to pay $ 0.99 for a year of free calling rather than use the usual telecom service providers.

Included Updates in for the Calling Feature

If by any chance WhatsApp goes ahead and turns this rumor into a reality, then it will come with a number of advantages and they include better sound clarity, ability to record conversations, make local and international calls for free and easily switch to GPRS when making a voice or video call. In addition, the app will also be favored by the readily available connections.

Users can also include photos and videos of unlimited size. You don’t need to resize a video or photo before sending.

The Bottom Line

WhatsApp is already a big hit thanks to the simplicity it offers users in addition to the number of users. When the free calling feature is included, there will be no other app to compete with WhatsApp in terms of number of users and popularity.


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