WhatsApp Voice Calling Features Postponed to 2015 Launch

Recently, it was revealed that WhatsApp has officially over 70 million active users in India and have gained a huge market share in one of the most populated countries around the globe.

The service has been gaining enough users steadily around the globe even though it has tough competition with the likes of Kik, Kakao Talk, Viber among many other online text and voice calling applications.

The service, even though popular, lacks important features, the ability to make voice and video calls. It was expected that the developers of WhatsApp would unveil the feature before the end of 2014 but due to technical reasons, it has now been confirmed that the facility will be introduced only in 2015.

Reports Confirm the News

Earlier, it was just a rumor and there were no indications that WhatsApp is going to introduce a voice or video calling feature. But, then when information started leaking out, the rumor was confirmed. Technical patent filing submitted by the company confirmed that they are planning to include microphone integration to their application which is mandatory for voice calling.

The newest data suggests once the feature gets officially launched, WhatsApp will have a ‘four button’ integration. Each button will be used to do specific actions such as muting the call, changing the call to the loud speaker, switch to text message mode and to disconnect an ongoing call. The new version is said to be 4.5.5 but it can’t be confirmed at the moment.

Limited Availability         

It is being said that the voice calling features will be rolled out to limited regions and phones at the start. WhatsApp has a huge user base and the company is not sure about going completely public until they are sure of being able to deliver the quality. Voice calling is definitely going to boost the user base for WhatsApp and will bring about a definitive change in the smartphone app market. Are you excited about this new addition and looking forward to enjoying the services?

If you are, then you are not alone; because millions of other users are expecting the same, as this app has already conquered the text messaging zone with the voice still pending. Once they roll it out in early or mid-2015, there’s going to be plenty of excitement surrounding the consumers who are already in love with the app and eagerly looking forward to its expansion.

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