WhatsApp vs Line – Top Instant Messaging App

It’s a well known fact that there has been a surge in the popularity of telecommunications apps in the Google Play and Apple store alike. Two of the more popular and feature enriched ones that have been generating a lot of buzz though, are WhatsApp and Line.

Many users have proclaimed that they are the most satisfying messaging apps on the market right now and while the two apps may be similar, they both have their distinctive sets of unique features, pros and cons that are independent of each other.

WhatsApp Messenger Overview

WhatsApp messenger is a messaging app that utilizes your phone’s 3G/4G or WiFi connection to enable messaging capabilities which eliminates the need for you to inquire charges for things such as international texting or texting in general if you are on a limited SMS or prepaid plan.

Through WhatsApp, you can easily communicate with anyone, regardless of the fact that they may be in a different continent as long as they have WhatsApp installed as mobile devices as well. Once you download WhatsApp, you can use their service for free, for a whole year. After which, you have to pay $.99 on a yearly basis, in order for you to continue your service.


Some of the other features that WhatsApp consist of are:

* Multimedia messaging via photos or videos

* Voice-notes.

* Group chat.

* Seamless integration of your existing phone book.

* Location sharing.

* Contact exchange.


* Lightweight.

* Low resource consumption.

* Free to utilize for a year.

* Encrypts all data.


* Lack of interaction with other messaging software.

* Lack of a PC/MAC application.

* Inability to make calls.


You can download WhatsApp from the Google Play store for Android Devices, the iTunes App store for IOS devices or at their website at

Line Overview

Many people regard Line as a cross in between Skype, WhatsApp and a social media service. Since it’s release, it has quickly established a user base of over 100 million users and is extremely popular in Asia. It consists of a list of features that you won’t be able to find in WhatsApp such as personal timeline and games. The app itself is 100% free, but requires a variety of in-app features in order for you to unlock some features such as: calling other users outside of the Line database, premium themes to change the layout of the app and games as well.


Some of the other features that Line consist of are:

* Hidden chat feature, which automatically deletes messages after a short period of time.

* Ability to add other users through QR codes, shaking the smartphone or through another contact’s invite.

* Games.

* Ability to hide your PUI or public user ID.


*100% free, despite a variety of locked features which require in-app purchases.

* Multiple applications for PC, Mac, IOS, Blackberry and Android.

* Has a social network feel to it.

* Ability to call other users who have Line installed for free.


* Audio messages have to be downloaded and lack quality.

* Does not include a video calling option.

* Problematic UI, which causes the app to force close periodically.


You can download Line from the Google Play store for Android Devices, the iTunes App store for IOS devices and at Appworld for blackberry devices. Additionally you can download the PC and Mac versions of Line from as well.

Overall, if you’re looking for a messaging app that has a wide array of features and provides a level of experience that is similar to what you would receive from a social network then, Line may be the ideal choice for you. Alternatively, if all you need is a lightweight app that is low on your phone’s system resources, or if you simply only wish to use the free messaging feature, then WhatsApp does a great job of allowing you to do so.

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