WhatsApp vs Telegram – Best Free Instant Message

Telegram has become of one the hottest apps out there. For instance, some days ago WhatsApp went down just for a couple of hours, and 5 million people sign up to Telegram right away. I

n fact, the messaging app is one of the top free apps in the App Store of 46 countries.

Telegram is also No.1 in the social networking category ahead of tech giants like Facebook. The industry still does not know the exact reason why Telegram has become the hottest messaging app out there, following the downtime of WhatsApp as people could have downloaded Facebook Messenger or Lane.


Telegram is a combination of WhatsApp and Snapchat, and it has been created in Russia by the Durov brothers. Telegram combines the security measures and ephemerality of Snapchat with the speed of Whatsapp. If you take a close look at the app you will think it is a clone of WhatsApp owing to its cartoonish wallpapers and read receipts that double check themselves.

The app also features the ability to check what the status of a friend is online and attach contacts, videos, photos, and documents to a message. Though the app lacks originality, it surprises us in terms of security features and speed. In fact, the firm behind this app says Telegram is the most secure and fastest messaging system for the masses in the world.

What Makes Telegram Stand Out

  • Security. The app is so secure that the company behind it offered around $200,000 to the person who can crack it. These types of bounties have been only offered by tech giants like Microsoft.
  • Secret chats. Users can use a feature called Secret Chats that allows them leave no trace of the conversation on the servers along with self-destruct messages ranging from a couple of seconds to one week. In addition, users can check the security of these chats by using an image that has been designed just for that purpose. To verify that a conversion is secure, users can compare their encryption keys to that of their friends`.
  • They will never sell ads. WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook, so it is possible that they will sell ads in the near future. However, Telegram will never sell ads, according to its founders.
  • Cloud-based. Telegram, unlike WhatsApp, is heavily encrypted and cloud-based, which means you will be able to get access to your files from any mobile device and share as much data as you want.
  • Faster and more secure than WhatsApp. Because Telegram uses encryption and takes advantage of many data centers, it offers more security and faster results than WhatsApp.

A Noble Goal

Telegram is the right app to get your privacy back online, according to its founders. It does not belong to any country in particular, so you can download it from anywhere in the world.


Telegram is here to stay thanks to its many features including top security and outstanding speed. You will not see any boring ads inside this app, which is another reason to use it instead of WhatsApp.

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