WhatsApp vs WeChat – Which One Works Best For You?

In the world of apps there are a number of programs out there that allow you to send instant messages to both your friends and people on your contact list.

Two of the most popular are WhatsApp and WeChat and with more than one billion downloads between them it makes sense to see what they have to offer.

The instant messenger section.

Both apps are primarily designed to allow you to send instant messages and in this respect they both work very well indeed. However, one key difference is that WhatsApp keeps their interface completely free of any adverts or gimmicks that can, at times, be rather annoying although the same cannot be said about WeChat. You are able to add emoticons and even send some images or voice recordings, so at least on this basis they are both pretty much identical.

Any extras?

Aside from the instant messenger section there is nothing else that you can do with WhatsApp. This in itself is not a criticism because they have at least just focused on the one aspect of their app whereas WeChat has decided to diversify with their version. Instead, the company behind the app have made an attempt to turn their app into an information portal where you can purchase various goods online as well as deal with various personal details such as banking. For some, this will be rather useful, but it does take the app away from what it was initially created for and there will be a number of more specific apps that do things such as banking all on their own.

How about any costs?

One thing that people are often wary of with apps is whether or not they are going to cost you any money. WhatsApp make it clear that it is completely free with no restrictions for the first year and after that it will cost you the princely sum of $1 a year. WeChat, on the other hand, proudly state that it costs you nothing to use the messenger part of the app, but they do then make money in other ways so if you use any of the extras then it costs you cash. This does put a different slant on the cost side, but then WeChat makes their extras very attractive, so you are more than likely going to end up making them money as soon as you use their own payment processor.

What is the outcome?

So those are the basics of these two apps and when it comes to ultimately deciding which one is best for you it does depend on how you use your phone and what you want to get out of the app. If we summarize things it might become clearer.

Both apps offer you an instant messenger.Both are free to use, at least for the first year.WhatsApp has no extras, but is free of gimmicks.WeChat offers you online shopping and banking.

In other words, if you just want to chat, then WhatsApp is best as it is easy to use and offers a fantastic service. WeChat acts more like an online portal, but just remember that there are other apps out there that do the same things and do so for free although at least from a technical point of view WeChat does certainly deliver on its promises.

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