WhatsApp vs YouRoam – Features For You To Discover

As the App market continuously expands at a rapid rate, consumers have a wide variety of messaging apps that enable free international messaging via Wifi.

But with so many apps to choose from, many consumers understandably get exhausted as they go from App to App only to be disappointed. Two of the more popular ones that offers a variety of features though, are WhatsApp and YouRoam.

Here is a side by side comparison to help you to decide which one might be an ideal fit for particular circumstance.


With a user base of over 400 million users, WhatsApp quickly became the largest, messaging platform in the world, which processes more than 30 billion messages per day. One of the reasons why WhatsApp grew so rapidly, is partly due to the fact that it is a cross-platform messaging app, meaning, users with an iPhone can send an SMS through WhatsApp to a user who has a Blackberry, Windows Phone or Android device.

Here are some advantages of using WhatsApp:

* Besides the fact that you have to pay $.99 subscription fee after you have installed the app for a year, you can send messages to any part of the world for free.

* WhatsApp is user friendly and easy to navigate.

* There are no advertisements on the display screen.

* Similar to Facebook’s timeline, you can share statues, photos and your location with your friends.

* You can send up to 100 messages per month, to someone who does not have WhatsApp installed for free.

* It is able to import your contact lists and tells you which one of your friends have WhatsApp installed.

Some of the disadvantages of using WhatsApp are:

* Once you send 100 messages to someone who does not have WhatsApp installed, you will not be able to send messages through

WhatsApp to another user unless they have the App installed.

* Received messages are not sent to your inbox, so you have to open the app to see if you received any messages

* People who have your number and have WhatsApp, can see your profile picture, even if you know them or not.

* There is no calling option within WhatsApp.


Although YouRoam is similar to Whatsapp in the sense that it allows the user to save some money when it comes international messaging, it also consists of an abundance of features that no other app on the market has to offer. As the name suggests, YouRoam is an app that aims to help smartphone users to get rid of roaming charges and can prove to be especially beneficial for international travelers. What makes this app so unique is that with YouRoam, you can make and receive unlimited calls to and from any individual who lives within the US, regardless if they have the app installed or not, And since all this occurs through a 3G/4G connection, it eliminates the need to accumulate roaming fees if you are traveling.

Some advantages of using YouRoam are:

* Whenever you make a call through YouRoam, the call goes directly to that individual’s phone number and not a username.

* When it comes to receiving calls, it features a smart caller ID, that lets you know who is calling, regardless if you have them in your contact list or not.

* You can track how much data is being consumed as you continually make calls, to ensure that you avoid the possibility of going over your bandwidth limit.

* Even if you turn off your phone, or if it goes offline, you are still able to see missed calls.

Some disadvantages of using YouRoam are:

* YouRoam is only available for Android and IOS based smartphones.

* Even though you can call someone within the US for free, you cannot call other international numbers.

Which One To Choose When it comes to choosing in between WhatsApp vs YouRoam, the main thing you need to consider is this. WhatsApp allows you to send up to 100 free messages to an individual that who doesn’t have the App installed, YouRoam doesn’t. But alternatively, WhatsApp does not have a calling feature like YouRoam does.

So in essence, if live outside of the US and want to call people within the US, then go for YouRoam. But, if you like the social networking aspect of being able to share statuses and your location, then, WhatsApp may be an idea fit.

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