WhatsApp – Why Standardized Emoticons are Cutting Down WhatsApp’s Word Use?

Emoticons are the signs and symbols that smartphone users prefer to communicate with, when they do not want to type lengthy sentences that would be substituted by a simple sign.


Emoticons convey the gist of situations and statuses when appropriately used. A person flashing the smiling face shows they are happy with what you have said or done. They do not have to write it down for you to believe. Besides, you can enquire from them what they meant if the emoticon is strange to you. Additionally, you learn a new language as well as understand the emotional status of your contact.


Very many emoticons are funny to view. They make you laugh and relieve the stress that you might be harboring. Since laughter is the best medicine, why don’t you make someone’s day by selecting an appropriate emoticon rather than writing wordy paragraphs, which in the end may not be as effective as the emoticon. Some funny emoticons include the personified monkeys and cats which close their eyes and mouths in reaction to what you have just said or done in order to express shock and disbelief.


Most emoticons are colored to appeal to the attention of the readers. You cannot ignore an emoticon the way you would a sentence or a paragraph. Often the paragraphs come as black and white and are therefore dull. On the other hand, you can find virtually emoticons of all colors. However, there are circumstances when the words are highlighted, for instance, when you send a link or a number to a friend, it is typed blue, rather than black and white for extra emphasis.


Emoticons complement the pictures better than words – at least to the lazy and those who do not want to make an effort of thinking. Hand signs are frequently used to show attitudes. A thumb up is used for approval and a thumb down for disapproval. A fist for street greetings and two hands clap for congratulating a group member or a friend. People prefer to use emoticons than write a caption. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, why type the 1001th word?

Well Arranged

Emoticons are patterned well to facilitate easy use. For instance, WhatsApp emoticons can be scrolled up and down. The first row shows the frequently used emoticons that can be accessed at a glance if needed. The second theme shows gestures that can comfortably be selected.

In the third row, there are plenty of animal characters that give the users nostalgic memories of their childhood as well as plants and various shapes of moon to remind the user of the fireside age when grandparents told stories to their grandchildren under the full glare of the moonlight. The fourth and fifth column show accessories that depict various moods for the user to select and use. Lastly, the numerals and alphabetical column supplements the written word.

In order to enter the emoticon, just select it and post on the number you intend to send to. You will see two ticks to signify that the recipient has gotten it. One tick shows it has been sent but pending (waiting delivery). For group chats, a single tick signifies that the group members have received the message.

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