When did Facebook Stop Being Cool?

Facebook is just becoming more popular as time passes by and as much as it makes Mark Zuckerberg very happy, we still think that it’s important to know when enough is enough.

During its first successful years, Facebook was the coolest thing that ever happened to you. It was all about updating your updates from what movie to watch to where you’re eating for lunch; searching and finding old school friends you haven’t seen and talked to for years; and for uploading your photos from your most recent trips.

So when did Facebook stop being cool?

Perhaps it was during the time when people have learned to use Facebook as their own personal journals where they whine, rant, and whine some more about anything and everything that’s happening in their lives for everyone to see. While we understand that there are moments in our lives wherein we just want to scream our frustrations in life, Facebook is not the best place to do it. Are you looking for sympathy? If you are, you won’t get it on Facebook. Talk to someone, or better yet, find a solution to your problem instead of wasting time writing a long post about it.

Stalking Someone’s Life on Facebook

Maybe it was when you started using Facebook to get a good look on someone else’s life, and wishing it was your own. There may be one person whom you’re willing to exchange information with just so you can get a taste of their perfect life. It’s bad enough that you have that person in your mind, but it’s worse when you’re actually stalking that person’s profile with bitterness. Your life may be far from perfect but that’s not an excuse to keep coming back to their profile so you can compare your lives.

You Stopped Being Productive

Facebook may have stopped being cool when you decided that there’s nothing more worth your time than going online 24/7 just to check what your friends are up to. It may have come to that point where it’s not even a conscious thing to open your Facebook and peer at the news feed. You may be doing it as a routine and you can’t get things done. If this has happened to you, then it’s time to give up the giant social media already and be more productive with your time. There are a lot of other activities you can do other than to keep lurking at your news feed even though you knew that nothing has changed since the last 5 minutes you checked.

Because of the Ads

Maybe Facebook stopped being cool, not because of your own doing, but because of the company itself. Ever since Facebook allowed ads, you now see more ads than your friends’ posts on your feed. Gone are the days where all you see on your news feeds are different updates from your friends. Facebook is free to download so the company has to generate an income somewhere, that’s why we can understand the ads. Still, it doesn’t mean we don’t miss the old Facebook.

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