Why Companies Must Stop Creating Flappy Bird Wannabes

We may all have something to share about our experiences with Flappy Bird.

Many of us may have something in common – that is we all hate this difficult game, while others, maybe a few, may say that they have enjoyed playing the popular game. If you have completely forgotten, Flappy Bird is a mobile game that caught the attention of the smartphone and tablet users not too long ago. One game and people are hooked; but after a couple more tries, it turns out that the game is not so simple; not for the faint hearted at least and especially not for the impatient ones.

Flappy Bird Tricked Many of Us

Flappy Bird is played by tapping your finger on the screen of your device to initiate “flying”. The bird will then fly with the help of your taps and its goal is to pass as many gaps as possible. However, there lies the big problem. You cannot pass more than a few gaps because it’s just nearly impossible to score more than 10. No matter how hard you try or tap, it’s just not easy to navigate the Flappy Bird towards the gap between the pipes. For this reason, Flappy Bird is considered a difficult game, both by the players and the creator himself, so much so that just a few weeks after its success, the app was forever removed from the store and can no longer be downloaded.

As It Went Down, Wannabes Arise

However, that didn’t stop other companies from trying to copy and recreate Flappy Bird with the hope that people are still hooked to the game. The truth of the matter is some people have not had enough of Flappy Bird, especially those who have not yet downloaded the app so they have no other choice but to download the copycats. While some Flappy Bird wannabes are worth a few minutes of your time, many are just not and you will do well if you simply ignore them. Companies must stop the imitation already because it’s only a matter of time before a new game rises that will catch the public’s attention once again – in fact, several new games are already starting to make their own name today, including 2048 and Clash of Clans.

Start Copying Swing Captors Instead

People will eventually get tired from trying imitations of Flappy Bird and will realize that there are more exciting and competitive games to download. Flappy Bird is a thing of the past, one that many people wouldn’t want to go back to, because of all the frustrations they were left with, after playing the game. Another reason for companies to stop creating games in the genre of Flappy Bird is because its creator has recently released a new game called Swing Copters. Swing Copters is the new buzz these days and its creator is hoping that the public will, again, get caught up with its complexity, but that is yet to be seen. Other companies may be looking to copy this new app now that the buzz around Flappy Bird has steadily died down.

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