Why Instagram PC is the Next Free App You Should Download

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is probably why more and more people are choosing the beautiful colors and visual imagery of photographs over the tiring rambles of texts and phrases when it comes to sharing their lives online.

Indeed, reading long paragraphs does not catch as much attention as easy-to-digest pictures. This is probably why Instagram, a social networking site that runs mainly on photographs shared by individuals all around the world, is becoming increasingly popular among Internet users.

If you are the kind of person who likes to share your life, meet new people, and document the important moments with people that you love, then Instagram must be on top of your list of most loved social networking websites. It is very easy to use, and you get to interact with practically thousands of people all over the world. You do not even get to reach out to people that you already know, but even those that might turn out to be great friends and acquaintances.

With young people today addicted to taking photos of themselves, called selfies, and sharing these pictures on the Internet, Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popularly mobile app in the world. Mainly because it is dedicated to photo and video sharing, it is so easy for the youth to just have pure, clean fun by capturing funny and lovely moments and sharing them online.

The problem with Instagram, however, is that it is the Rich Man’s Facebook. Most of its users are people who own iPhones, Android phones, and other similar mobile phones that allow one to download free applications and have enough megapixels to produce pictures that are not just a plain blur, and can garner enough likes and follows (of course, given the proper #hashtags). The Instagram website can be accessed through one’s personal computer via Internet browsers, but the things that you can do with it are limited to liking friends’ photos and editing your profile.

Downloading Instagram to Your PC is as easy as 1, 2, 3

What many do not seem to know, however, is that it is actually possible – and very easy – to download the Instagram app to your PC so that you can finally use it fully even without an iPhone or Android phone.

The easiest way to get Instagram into your PC is to first download BlueStacks, software that enables its users to use Android apps on their desktop computers. You can download BlueStacks through its website,, and once you have installed the software, you can use its search function to find the Instagram app and install it into your PC. Performing these tasks is safe, quick and free of charge.

Getting the Most out of Your Instagram PC App is a Worthwhile Experience

There is more to Instagram than just posting pretty pictures. With its full functions, Instagram has a wide selection of filters to choose from so that users need not be Photoshop professionals to give their photos a better look. Linking your Instagram posts to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is also a convenient way to keeping most of your friends and family updated with your life. In addition, you are now able to upload photos from any of your external devices to Instagram via your PC.

Another trick to try out is to use your downloaded BlueStacks to its fullest – download creatively fun apps that will let you play around with your photos by adding cute stickers, artistic effects and elegant frames.

The beauty of Instagram is that it is not just a place to connect with friends and meet new people. It is like an online museum where you can enjoy learning about the cultures of different countries. You can stay updated about current events, and explore the beauty of the world, all the while still relaxing on your comfortable desk chair, computer mouse on one hand and a sweet treat on the other. If you have never used Instagram before, you might want to try it out soon, because you might be missing out on not only one of the fastest growing trends in the world, but also the whole experience of sharing your life in photos.

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