Why Minecraft Xbox One Release Date Could Be In July?

A whole lot of evidences point to the fact that Minecraft Xbox One release date could indeed be in the month of July.

In recent times, everyone related to Microsoft, Mojang and 4J Studios have been talking about a possible release date. The teams are busy working to bring the next gen out as soon as possible because the platform needs a definitive title that will encourage players to buy it. It is in such a stage that the potential can be explored only with titles that have a huge fan base. Minecraft sold over 12 million copies on the older generation console which evidently points that Xbox One could make use of the number. Bringing players on-board is a critical aspect of any platform’s success and it relies on must have games.

Next Gen Is Fast Developing

Titles like Halo and Gears of War pushed the console to its success in the past decade while it looks like Minecraft definitely got some potential as well. Phil Spencer from Microsoft talked about the game looking gorgeous on the new console and the same view was shared by the original creator of the game Mark Persson as well. Mojang in their official blog confirmed that the next gen version is under development and an official announcement will be made when there is news to share. 4J Studios, the company which is porting the title confirmed almost a couple of weeks that they have a lot of work to do on the game but they are definitely getting there.

E3 2014 Expectations Are High

Even though, it is not directly related to Xbox One edition, there is news that a boxed version for PS4 is coming soon while a retail version of PS3 will launch in May 16. The announcement ideally syncs with the fact that both the companies are preparing to announce a bundle of items during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014. The largest gaming conference is the first one that Microsoft is going to attend after their new console got launched and it will be ninety minutes in length. Phil Spencer has confirmed that they have a bunch of games to unveil during this event and Minecraft Xbox One has huge chances of being featured here.

The company is supposed to show off some exciting titles which might include Halo 5, State of Decay and Minecraft could well possibly be one of them. If an announcement be made, it wouldn’t be too long before they bring the game out. The boxed version of PS4 also indirectly confirms the fact that there could be a retail version for Xbox One version as well. It has not been made official so far and 4J Studios continue to be on the mysterious side because they love to tease their fans before the final date. They released the TU14 for Xbox 360 out of the blue when everyone least expected and maybe you can expect the same to happen with the upcoming Xbox One version as well. E3 2014 is definitely the best bet for fans.

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