Why Teens Prefer Instagram Over Facebook?

These days, you won’t easily find a teen who does not own a social network account – at least accounts in the three most popular social networks today – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram have more in common than they have with Twitter. Instagram and Facebook are used to upload great photos and videos while Twitter is primarily used for sharing one’s thoughts in no more than 140 characters.

Instagram is Teens’ Number One Choice in Social Network

Facebook is considered the social network giant mainly because it also does what both Twitter and Instagram do. You can share your thoughts, photos, videos, and a whole lot more in Facebook but Instagram’s focus is to share only photos and videos. Even though that’s the case, teens prefer to log in on Instagram over Facebook, according to a recent survey. What could be the reason for the sudden change of heart, among teens, who once upon a time put Facebook at the top?

Facebook is Swarming with Oldies

One of the reasons that are being considered is that unlike Instagram, Facebook is filled with different groups of ages – from teens to parents to their grandparents. These specific groups of ages have not quite made it to Instagram yet, where teens feel like they still dominate the social media. All of us know what it feels, to have our parents as our friends on Facebook. They tend to “like” each post and photo we upload; not to mention their need to comment on every single one of them. While many of us don’t mind, the teens today seem to.

Instagram is Drama and War-free

Another reason why Instagram is the better choice of teens today is that you don’t necessarily see the drama in the photo-sharing social network compared to Facebook, where every time you log in, there always seems to be someone who’s at war with somebody else. Because Instagram does not have status updates, it’s not the best platform to post cryptic posts about your frenemy. They may not look like it but teens do know when to stir away from drama and word fight.

Simple is Better

Instagram may seem less decorative than Facebook; but its simplicity is what makes it better. It doesn’t require as much information – just your username, profile photo, and short description, but it works for many people. Instagram doesn’t need your birthday; it also doesn’t require you to share everything that goes in on your mind. You just need to take a photo, upload it and your profile page will be filled.

Stalking is Easier in Instagram

Lastly, because Instagram does not require a lot of information, many of its users don’t feel the need to make their profiles private, which makes it easier to look at other users’ public profiles as well. If you follow a celebrity’s Instagram account, you would feel like you really have peeked into their personal life, because you know they’re the ones who uploaded the photos, unlike with Facebook where celebrities’ pages are usually managed by others.

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