Why Viber is the Most Popular Social Application?

The Viber messaging application is used in over 193 countries in the world and has a client base of 200 million users and still counting.

Having only entered the market in 2010, Viber has captured the imaginations of users by the following specifications.

Stickers and Emoticons

Stickers and emoticons add graphics to the messenger and enable Viber users communicate more effectively not only with words, but also with fully customized features.


One can switch between chat rooms in order to catch up with friends in other groups or singular contacts they are simultaneously chatting with.

To facilitate this endeavor simply enter the chat group name and swipe the screen right or left depending on the direction you want to view your photos from. The above feature spares you the tedious task of going back to the contact list whenever you want to reply the latest messages.

Lock Out Nuisance

The people you add to the block list will be disabled from having a one-on-one chat with you. Navigate the display until you find the Navicon button that you will use to block unwanted friends. Should you change your mind, go back to the Navicon button and tap the Privacy button. Viber will prompt you to tap Unblock besides the name or the phone number of the individual you are shutting out.

Still on privacy settings, you may wish to conceal your online status so that friends do not see you. Simply follow these easy steps to hide the ‘Seen’ and ‘Online’ status.

  • Go to the Navicon tab and open the Settings icon
  • Press the Privacy label and uncheck the box containing the Send Seen Status

To conceal whether you are online or offline try the tricks below.

  • Go to the main applications page and tap the Navicon tab. After that hit the Settings button
  • Press the Privacy button and uncheck the Share Online Status

You will have to adjust your privacy settings after every 24 hours should you wish to continue to stay “hidden”.


When at work you are usually busy and may not find time for social networking. At this time, you can manage your received messages by turning off notifications. Here is how it is done.

  • Go to the main applications page and view the Navicon tab
  • Select Settings
  • Tap Notifications and disable the tabs containing received messages such as Light Screen for messages, Show new Viber users, and Show message preview.

If your device runs on the Android operating system, navigate the Android Settings>App> Viber and uncheck ‘Show Notifications’.

Deleting Messages

For some reasons you do not want your friends to peep at your confidential chat messages. Viber gives you an option of hurling them to the rubbish bin by simply reaching for the delete button.

The procedure below will help you:

  • Select a chat group
  • Tap and press the target message for a while
  • The delete option will show up and you can hit it

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