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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Why You Need to Update Google Chat to Google Hangouts

Why You Need to Update Google Chat to Google Hangouts By – Dec 14, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Google Chat, the valuable chat feature within Gmail, has proved to be very useful to Gmail users because it allows them to directly communicate with other people without closing their emails.

It also proved to be a cost-effective way of inter-office communication between employees. Google Chat makes it easy to chat with someone while you’re reading your emails without having to grab your handheld device and use another chat app. However, Google has updated Google Chat for a while now but loyal users are still refusing to make the switch, because they are already used to using the old version.

Google Hangouts Replacing Google Chat?

The new chat feature is called Google Hangouts and aside from being available within Gmail, it also has its own stand-alone app, which you can download from the App Store, if you’re using an iOS store and is pre-installed in the Android devices. Google Hangouts has already replaced the other messaging services of Google, but the chat feature within Gmail has not yet been changed. You can do the transition manually, in any case. Just click on your photo on the left side of the inbox and click the arrow. A drop down menu will appear and you just have to click the “Try the new Hangouts” to make the switch.

Share Photos Easily

Google Hangouts has added a few treats here and there to give users a better experience, when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones. If you just came back from a holiday, you may want to show your photos to your friends. Google Chat doesn’t allow photo sharing but Google Hangouts does. You can send photos in a more convenient way – just drag the photos into the chat window and they will be automatically sent to your friends.

Failure to Update Can Cause Problems

If you don’t update to Google Hangouts, you will experience some limitations in the app’s functionality. If your friends are using Hangouts, you cannot participate in their group chat if you’re still using the old version. Your messages won’t appear to the group chat at all, but you will be asked to update to Hangouts to be able to take part in the conversation.

Synchronizing Messages

Google Hangouts also synchronize your conversation across all Google platforms. You can use Hangouts in the Gmail and still continue the conversation even after you’ve logged out of your email, as long as you have the app installed in your phone. The messages are synced in real time so you can carry on with the chat because the messages are still there.

Free Group Video Conference

Another reason to update from Google Chat to Google Hangouts is for you to enjoy free group video conference since Google Chat only allows one-on-one video call. Talking to more people is now made easier and more convenient if you choose to update to Google Hangouts – you can participate in a group video call with up to 10 people. It’s important to switch to the new Google Hangouts because the two versions are not compatible and it could lead to potential problems.


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