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Friday, March 20, 2015

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Will WhatsApp Plus Imitate Blue Tick?

Will WhatsApp Plus Imitate Blue Tick? By – Nov 15, 2014 18 0 SHARE

Having an alternative for WhatsApp that is compatible with their service is more of a breath of fresh air for several reasons.

Third party apps such as WhatsApp Plus offers settings and customizations that are not available in the official version. While their market share is quite low there is a great benefit that comes from having such third party apps.

WhatsApp developers will get pushed to implement some of the features they see in apps like WhatsApp Plus but does this practice go both ways? Will we see WhatsApp Plus implement the Blue Tick feature?

Let’s start by having a quick briefing of this new feature added with the recent updated of the WhatsApp client for all platforms.

Up till recently users would see one grey tick on a message when it was sent and a second tick when it was delivered. The newest update adds a new feature named the Blue Tick. What it does is to provide info about when the message was read. When the recipient reads the message the sender will see the two grey ticks turn blue. That means it was read. If he taps and holds his finger on the message a menu will appear. Taping the “I” or info button will provide the exact time when it was read.

Sounds like a breach of privacy but will WhatsApp Plus implement it as well? The official version does not have any kind of setting that allows users to enable or disable this feature. Users cannot stop their client from sharing the exact time when they read a message. We could expect WhatsApp Plus to implement it but they might fall into the same limbo of endless discussions regarding personal privacy. Users already feel uncomfortable with the new feature but that does not mean it cannot be improved to some degree.

If we were to see the feature implemented in WhatsApp Plus it would be useful to have the possibility to turn it off or on. Currently the feature is only available for the users who have upgraded the client to the newest version. Older versions still work but do not send back information regarding when the message was read. WhatsApp Plus could add the feature but it would be much more appreciated if the feature could be switched on or off.

WhatsApp Plus does try to gain popularity by offering users additional options that enhance the experience and this would be a good occasion for the developers to improve their app especially since it is a sensitive topic and people already complain about this feature. Some users even downgraded their WhatsApp version by installing older APK files just to protect themselves from this features. There is no doubt that WhatsApp Plus could take advantage and implement the feature, add a on or off setting and please both the users that want the feature and the ones that do not.

Another reason why everyone should expect to see the Blue Tick feature implemented in WhatsApp Plus is their development plan.

The application relies on delivering a client with more options and additional customizations to make it a preferred choice. Adding the Blue Tick feature should be added on their to-do list.


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