Will Xbox One Price Drop Boost Its Holiday Sales?

With Black Friday and the holiday season fast approaching, the talk in the gamer town is all about the drastic price slash on the Xbox One console.

Microsoft launched the console for a pricey $500 last year along with the Kinect motion sensor controller which many gamers felt is unnecessary as they will hardly be using it. But, they tried to push it to the crowd and failed because the console community was in no mood to adopt the change, whereas the Oculus Rift on PC is flourishing at a rapid rate.

The company decided to drop it and priced the console at just $400, same as what Sony is selling their Playstation 4 for. There have been some good games recently and the holiday season is also going to witness the launch of big titles, including Assassin’s Creed Unity, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4 and Sunset Overdrive and so on. So far, Playstation 4 didn’t have any price cut or a convincing bundle to go for.

Why It Would Sell?

For many months since launch, Xbox One has been lagging behind Playstation 4 in terms of sales, because the Sony console was considered to be superior. It was also more affordable earlier. Some games ran on 1080p resolution on the console, whereas they managed to get only 900p on Xbox which pushed it far behind.

The other issue was that there were no notable exclusives to compare the two consoles. But, now things are much different because the Microsoft platform is receiving the exclusive Sunset Overdrive and also has special support from Activision for the upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. With the price cut, you could purchase the console for just $350 and if there are in-store discounts to make use of, then this would become an impulse buy, as experts say.

Halo Could Save the Day

Things changed now because Ubisoft confirmed that because of the depth of their upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity, they are going with 900p on both consoles. Soon, most games will be on par with one another making the consoles almost the same. But, Xbox One now has the Halo Master Chief Collection coming up this November which could be another important reason that might convince players to go for it. Things look the brightest for the Microsoft console now and within a month’s time, we would know if it managed to outwit Playstation 4 in terms of hardware sales in months.

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