Will Zynga Benefit by Choosing to Have a Mobile Game Exclusively?

Are you one of those who wasted several hours playing games on Facebook?

Do you miss the farm games especially the Farmville which remains till date one of the top rated games of all time? Zynga, the developer of Farmville have decided to launch Farmville 2: country Escape on the mobile platform. Looks like a wonderful news? It definitely is, especially for all those gamers who stay hooked to their mobiles for the sake of playing games.

Why Did the Company Launch a Mobile Game?

We are all aware of the kind of popularity that Farmville enjoyed. It was one of the most played games on Facebook, but if you trace the popularity chart, you will find that the popularity has come down a few notches. More people are crushing candies on Facebook than attending to their cattle and farms.

This is why Zynga found the need to cater to the mobile gamers and re-ignite the charm and flavor of the game. In one of their winning strategies, they decided to have a game exclusively for the mobile users and it looks like this move of theirs paid off brilliantly.

Having a game which users can easily play on their mobile will pull in a larger number of people and Zynga is hopeful that it will help them substantiate their position once again. Whether or not it really happens, is a tale that shall unfold with time. However, so far users have been really glad and excited about having this mobile game and the Farmville fever may be back again with a bang.

What Makes Farmville 2: Country Escape a Top Choice

If you haven’t played this game, you need to know the details of what makes this game one of those that you must play.

Exclusive Mobile Gaming Experience

Are you tired of playing web games that have merely been optimized for mobiles? When web version games are tweaked a little, it can never give you the same pleasure and this is one of the key reasons for some of the best games to have flopped miserably.

Zynga didn’t want to make the same mistakes and this is why they decided to develop an application from scratch. Farmville 2: country Escape is a mobile game that has been exclusively made for mobile users and you will not face any problems when you are enjoying the game.


Those who love to socialize with friends even when playing, they are sure to love Farmville as it has the provision of making co-op where you get to make friends and then build your farms along with them. There is a lot that you can explore when you are playing this game and you are likely to enjoy it to the fullest too.

The game is available for free download and you can enjoy it to your heart’s content. Even if you haven’t played Farmville before, you are likely to enjoy this game because it comes packed with extremely interactive content which you are sure to love.

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