Window 10 – Should You Install it or Not?

Microsoft realized just how much they lost by releasing Windows 8. The OS had one of the poorest adoption rates to date. Even Windows Vista performed better in terms of user adoption.

The response for this rather major failure was the development of Windows 10 which just entered its technical preview stage. Regular users can download it for free and test the upcoming operating system.

A lot of things have changed for the better so here are the top features everyone should look forward to.

The Start Menu Is Back!

It is not the old windows Start Menu but it surely feels like it. Popular applications and shortcuts are back where they used to be but everything is changed from a visual perspective. The menu uses the same Metro themed buttons and when expanding some of the folders in the start menu we will see bits and pieces of the former Windows 8 interface. In general the new Start Menu is easy to navigate and the ones that still run Windows 7 will have no problems getting used to it.

Multiple Desktops For Increased Productivity

Working with multiple monitors surely helps but this new virtual desktop feature takes everything to a whole new level. The feature will prove to be extremely useful for the ones that still work on one monitor. Users will be able to create a virtual desktop and for each desktop he can work with whatever applications he wants. It should make it easier multi-task.

Metro Apps Are Now On The Desktop

The rather annoying Metro UI has vanished but the apps are still here but they were moved on the desktop. This means that keyboard and mouse users will actually start using some of these apps. In Windows 8 they were found only via the Metro UI and since most people did everything in their power to avoid working with it these apps were rarely used.

Plenty More Features Announced

While most people might be convinced already by the features mentioned above there are still some that need more convincing just to try Windows 10. Some of the other minor tweaks include a reworked Task View which makes it easier to work with multiple applications and a new notification bar that will provide a feed of the most important information. The new Task View feature replaces the old sluggish Windows 8 Alt+Tab menu. To further enhance the idea of having a platform optimized for multi-tasking and productivity, along with the virtual desktop feature and the new Task View, Microsoft improved the snap window functionality. All these features can be tested in the latest version of Windows 10 via their technical preview program which will end as the launch date draws closer.

From an adoption rate perspective Microsoft’s plans to get Windows 7 users to upgrade. According to one of their official Windows 10 will feel like an upgrade for the better for Windows 7 users. It will feel like an upgrade from a Prius to a Tesla without having to earn to drive.

In theory it sounds like a promising plan and now that the technical preview is running, users will get to test and decide if it is worth spending the money on the upgrade.

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