With New Instagram Update Users Can Add Captions

How many times have you uploaded a photo to Instagram, only to delete it and upload it again due to a typo?

Typos can ruin the perfect photo and people are prone to making them when adding photos. You can spell the item you like to specify, the person you want to tag or anything else wrong. Well, a new update to the popular image sharing application resolves this problem.

Editing the Picture

The option to edit is located in the menu beneath the image you want to edit. With the feature, you can simply tap on the picture, and change the original caption. This feature cannot be used to change and edit comments. Before the update, if you made a type, you had to delete the image and start from scratch to add new captions.

With this update, tagging a wrong person, or posting a wrong hash tag is no longer a problem. Since nothing ruins a picture as much as a typo, users are ecstatic for the new update. After all, it was the top requests for the past 3 years.

Changes to Explore

Another change with the update is the Explore feature. With the update, users can find new people to follow easily. The new Explore now has a People and a Photos tab. Company statistics show that 40% of daily users use the Explore page. The Explore feature is a function that makes searching easier and simpler. The feature works on the ‘type ahead search principle’, which means that as you type, the application predicts what users might be searching.

The photos tab is not changed, and contains the same grid for scrolling. The People tab is the new addition, and highlights accounts of people that might be interesting for you to follow. The Explore icon is located at the bottom of the screen, and the icon is now changed to a magnifying glass.

Listening to the Wishes of the Users

Editing and adding captions has long been the desire of Instagram users. Even from the launch of the application, it has been one of the top requirements and improvements asked by users. In the official release of the update, Instagram has claimed to be a company that listens to users. This has been a constant request from our users, from our community. We’ve heard it lots of times, and we are excited to finally make it happen and make the wish come true. Now, when you share your moments on Instagram, a single type should not get in your way – states the company on the blog.

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