Xbox Live Games With Gold October 2014 Summary

It’s now the middle of October, which for those of you with gold membership means that you’ll be able to download the latest free games with gold for the month!

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, in an attempt to make their service more competitive with Sony’s free games with Playstation Plus, also known as the instant games collection. As a result, if you own an xbox 360 or an xbox one you are now eligible to receive free games every month for both of those platforms. When there is two or more games in a month (like there has been every month so far on Xbox 360) the date that the second set of games (usually just a single game) becomes available is the 16th of that month.

Of course, it’s almost the 16th of October, what new games can we expect? For Xbox 360, the free game is definitely a good one; Darksiders 2. This hack and slash puzzle game has received a lot of praise from various sources, and although it’s not a candidate for game of the year of best game with gold we’ve received, it’s an excellent AAA game which should provide some entertainment. As with all xbox 360 games with gold if you download the game when it comes out it will be available for your life time, even when your gold membership expires.

On the Xbox One, we unfortunately see the same game with gold for the entirety of the month. These have a history of being full to the brim with micro transactions or being fairly low key titles. This months game fortunately fits into the latter category rather than the former, and chariot is that game. Chariot is a very interesting take on the indie puzzle platformer genre, which sees you try and control a chariot with a unique control scheme and is available for gold members to download and keep for the extent of their membership, as currently Xbox One games with gold are both less frequent and are lost upon cancellation of your gold membership, meaning a purchase of multiple years may be a smart move.

Other than that, today is the last day you’ll be able to download Battlefield Bad Company 2. The last game in the bad company spin off of battlefield. the game manages to add a little subtle humor to the tried and true formula of modern military FPS. In addition to a campaign with some humor, it also delivered what many consider to be one of the best online experiences for the series. Not a bad accolade for a yearly release series with more installments than you can count.

So, the games with gold program brings just one new game tomorrow, but also a final opportunity to download this months, alongside a hopeful outlook for next month, November. November is a big month in the games world, and hopefully the free games we receive reflect that!

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