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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Xbox One March Update Brings Screenshots, Transparency and Friend Suggestions

Xbox One March Update Brings Screenshots, Transparency and Friend Suggestions By – Feb 28, 2015 241 0 SHARE

The official preview for Xbox One March update is already out and Major Nelson blog has released a detailed video that confirms all of the upcoming features which include tile transparency, ability to take screenshots, friend suggestions among others.

It’s been over a year since the next gen Microsoft console got launched and the company has been trying to making it even better with periodical updates. The operating system has significantly improved over time and gives great competition to its rival Sony’s Playstation 4.

The latest additions to the operating system also include the ability to control privacy, online security settings, and additional One Guide support for Australian gamers, a dedicated upload app and ability to share your real name when required.

Features Coming in March

Xbox One is gearing up to receive the following list of features in its March update.

Take screenshots and share – An important feature which is already available on Playstation 4 is now coming to Xbox One console. Whenever you are playing a game and come across something interesting that is worth sharing, simply double press the home button with the Xbox logo on it. It will automatically take a screenshot of whatever that is displayed on your screen. You can press Y to save it. Kinect users can give a voice command to do the same task which is nifty.

Dedicated app to upload –Once you have a collection of screenshots and gameplay footage stored on your hard drive, you need a way to manage them easily. The upload app makes it possible. You can view images in full screen, set them as wallpaper and also share them when needed.

Transparent Tiles – Spicing up your console interface is now easier because you can simply go to Settings, My Xbox to change the transparency feature. Changing it on background images provide better depth and also adds a touch of style to your hardware.

Friend suggestions – With the March update, users will be able to easily find friends and add them. One can also add suggested friends, critics and curators to get the best feed on their app every day.

Sharing real name – You may not want to do this with everyone but Xbox One now allows you to share your real name with only a select group of friends. It makes things more personalized and also makes it easier for others to find you when they wish to add you to their friend’s network.


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