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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Xbox One Updates – Far Cry 4 Removed by Mistake, Forza Horizon…

Xbox One Updates – Far Cry 4 Removed by Mistake, Forza Horizon 2 Gets DLC By – Jan 12, 2015 20 0 SHARE

For players who tried to access the newly purchased Far Cry 4 on the Xbox One console, an error repeatedly occurred that blocked them access to the title.

Those who were planning on riding elephants and taking down some outposts knew nothing of this issue.

Many players tried to re-install the game through their disc and load save games from the cloud but the console refused to budge. It showed an error code and no one was able to get into the title.

After a long break, Microsoft officially announced that Xbox One marketplace has accidentally removed the entire game from the list. Because of this issue, players who tried to access Far Cry 4 faced an error message that asked them whether they have purchased the game yet even though every one of them had the title listed under their username and was supposed to launch without questions.

Additional Verification Process

By now, Microsoft has fixed the error on the console and has replaced the game in the marketplace. However, the new issue has also confirmed that that company was actually using an online verification system that made sure the game was indeed officially purchased before allowing gamers to load it.

This is just one example and it is this feature that has been annoying players for a long while. If you are to carry your console to some place and play the game without an internet connection or try to login when bored, it wouldn’t let you play unless the online verification results turn positive.

In an effort to stop piracy, game developers and console owners are simply annoying gamers by imposing too many restrictions on them, especially those who have actually purchased it while pirates can play through it without any difficulty by making use of the torrent copies.

Forza Horizon 2 DLC Launch

In other news, Xbox One exclusive Forza Horizon 2 has received a special DLC named the G shock car pack. It introduces latest versions of fast beasts including the Nissan 2015 edition NISMO, a Ferrari Mondial from 1953 and a 2013 Ford Raptor Shelby. Those who have already purchased the DLC pass can acquire all these cars and few more without any additional costs. Others have to pay $5 to be able to download them. Players will also receive a car of the month for January and this time it is the Mazda speed 3 2010 edition.


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