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Monday, March 23, 2015

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YotaPhone 2 Dual Screen Phone Releasing Soon

YotaPhone 2 Dual Screen Phone Releasing Soon By – Nov 18, 2014 4 0 SHARE

The YotaPhone was a phone which took the traditional smart phone concept and added what many considered to be real innovation to the product. Instead of just adding a slightly faster processor and more storage like many flag ship phones have done, Yota Devices, a Russian manufacturer decided to add something unique to the device, a second display. This second display was on the other side of the device, and was always on using E-ink technology. This allowed for notifications, texts and other important information to be showed on the back of the device for quick glances. In addition, the used of E-ink led to very little power usage on this display.

So the successor to this phone; the YotaPhone 2 carries this same concept further, being a reasonably sized 5 inch device with a 1080p screen, which is a fairly normal upgrade. The processor has seen a slight upgrade with a 2550 MaH battery to boot and the rear screen has likewise been slightly upgraded to 540p.

The interesting part of this phone in relation to the first is the decision to keep the RAM at 2GB and to actually downgrade the rear facing camera to just 8MP. Very odd choices for a full on successor to their flag ship phone, but evidently they’re confident enough in the dual screen concept.

As far as we can see this dual screen device is a very interesting evolution on the smart phone, as the rear E-ink display can actually fulfill a lot of smart watch requirements, by providing the end user wit easy access to notifications without having to unlock their phone. In addition, some of the uses that it has are entirely unique like letting people know you’re about to take a picture.

As far as a release date or region for the YotaPhone 2 is concerned we haven’t seen an entire confirmation on those last two facts, but we did see an exciting announcement about the phone direct from Yota Devices on twitter, announcing that there would be a launch event for the phone December 3rd, held in London.

This is an interesting choice of both timing and place, as it could be hinting at a full on release in the west, unlike their previous YotaPhone. This would be a great change and would really allow western markets to get their hands on something a little unique. The launch event also signals that they intend to release the phone very soon.

So we know the YotaPhone 2 is a great phone, releasing soon and perhaps even in Europe and America for the first time!



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