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Monday, March 30, 2015

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YouRoam, Free Download Free Call App – Guidelines for Beginners

YouRoam, Free Download Free Call App – Guidelines for Beginners By – Nov 15, 2014 41 0 SHARE

YouRoam is a mobile phone application supported by android and iOS that allows you to make and receive calls from all over the world without having to change your number.

With the YouRoam application you make and receive calls using your mobile data or WIFI. This application is suitable for people who travel to different parts of the world because you don’t have to pay call charges while roaming.

YouRoam application has the following features:

Free calls to other YouRoam users

With this application you make calls for free, get free access to your voice mail and even view your missed call those times your phone is off. You just have to make sure you have mobile data or WIFI connection.

Retain your phone number

You don’t have to change your phone number as you move to different parts of the world and you retain your caller I.D. For users in the U.S.A you make calls for only $4.99 a week to any phone.

Caller I.D feature

YouRoam comes with a premium caller I.D feature which enables you to see the I.D for your callers even if you haven’t saved them in your phonebook. Whether you are within U.S or outside you make calls and your recipients see your normal phone number on the caller I.D.

WIFI or mobile data to make or receive calls

You use either mobile data or WIFI to make calls and you can track the amount of data you use to receive calls on your mobile data or see if the call used WIFI.

Send texts, videos and pictures for free

With this application you can share unlimited text, videos and pictures with other YouRoam users. No logging in and no passwords and you get to access all contacts.

High quality calls

Unlike the normal calls, YouRoam calls are high definition. You don’t experience the problems like echoes, you have reduced background noise, and the calls are clearer.

How do you download the YouRoam app?

The app is only supported by android and iOS, you can download the app from the YouRoam website, google play or the app store for free and then install it on your phone.

How to use YouRoam

You can use YouRoam on WIFI zones or use your mobile data:

  • Using mobile data

Consult you mobile service provider for an international data plan before leaving the country or still buy a local sim card once you reach your destination.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the YouRoam app before leaving the country. After installing the app forward your phone number to the YouRoam app.

Your phone will sense the new network once you reach your destination and make sure your mobile data is on.

If you want to make calls, open the YouRoam app and make calls from there to avoid using the regular minutes.

  • Using WIFI

On the settings of your phone switch to the airplane mode. Turn on the WIFI on and select the WIFI you want to connect to. Make sure that you can see the airplane mode and the WIFI icons on your phone.

There you have it. We can’t make it much simpler to show you what YouRoam does, why you should have it, and how to install it. It’s down to you now to go and use it!


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