ZTE Nubia Z9 – Features, Specs, and Price Review

As a part of ZTE Corporation, ZTE Mobile Devices is located in China and is a leading global smartphone and mobile handset manufacturer, offering tablets, mobile phones and ensuring that the terminal is more user friendly with the desktop environment.

The company has been working on the release of another smartphone but they have kept details under wraps for a long time. Their ZTE Nubia smartphone is ready to launch now towards the end of the year in China by ZTE and in partnership with JingDong Mall, which is a huge online retailer in China. ZTE’s flagship line of smartphones will be sold directly to consumers in the USA through its website or through online retailers such as and at present there is little consumer awareness of the product

A New Bezelless Phone

The Nubia Z9 will be sleek, narrow and compact and this is because the borderless looking phone has just a glimpse of a bezel on its sides. There are some people worried about this as they claim that without a bezel, the screen could be more likely to break In fact the only thing found on the sides of the screen is the metal frame around the phone. As yet there isn’t much information on the Z9 but for the moment, a few leaks have emerged and one is that quad HD will possibly be back. In fact sources close to the release of the phone reckon that the Z9 is a flagship device and that it comes loaded with a Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, a 1080p display, 3GB RAM as well as an OIS-enabled camera.

Extraordinary Features Expected from the Z9

People are saying that some of this phones features are similar to the Nubia Z7 such as the red circle home button, making it clearly a ZTE phone as this has been a trademark for Nubia-branded handsets. The phone is also distinguishable because of its white color It has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM that the Z9 will have to come up with something extraordinary to beat this. According to photographs, the bezel-less phone, according to Chinese media, isn’t a large phone and looks to be in the region of 5.2 inch to 5.3 inch. The hardware will be powered by Snapdragon 805 chipset.

The Price

There are no price leaks on the Nubia Z9 as yet, but with the Z7 being priced in the region of $320, the Z9 is expected to be slightly more. There isn’t much information on the Nubia Z9’s features, specifications and price for now, but reliable sources say that the device will be 3G enabled with a good battery capacity and a full connectivity package. Apart from the phone’s good primary- and secondary camera, the phone will also sport a strong GPU for gaming purposes. Some sources speculate that the Nubia Z9 will be powered by Android 4.4 KitKat or possibly higher.

Better than its Predecessor

All we know so far is that ZTE is teasing everyone about the Z9 by revealing a few photographs which reveal how slender and sleek the phone is and that it is going to be better than its predecessor the Z7.

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