Zynga Launches Farmville 2: Country Escape Exclusively For Mobile Gamers

There was a time when Facebook was more about playing Farmville and less of connecting with friends.

If you were spending an hour daily on Facebook, the odds were high that half of the time would be spent attending to your farms on Farmville. It was once the best games on Facebook. However, things have diversified and Zynga, the developer understood that they needed to market the game even further and better. This is what led to the launch of Farmville 2: Country Escape.

What Is Farmville 2: Country Escape All About?

Zynga is aware of the need to tap the mobile sector and this is why they launched Farmville 2: Country Escape. It primarily and exclusively caters to the segment of gamers that use their mobiles for the sake of playing games.

When a desktop version is altered for the sake of making it compatible with mobiles, it is not likely to have the same impact and this can lead to a loss of popularity. However, Zynga has made sure not to commit this mistake and thus the game has been made from scratch, keeping the needs of mobile users in mind.

Provision for Offline Mode

Even if you have a slow internet connection, you can still enjoy Farmville 2: Country Escape. This seems like a brilliant feature and it is definitely one of the striking features. You will have to connect to the internet to store your progress. However, you can always play the game in offline mode. Just when you are exiting the game, you can connect to the internet and save your progress.

This feature has attracted a huge number of gamers and the overall designing of the game is pretty awesome. You will love playing the game and attending to your animals and making sure that you are progressing. One of the best parts of this game has to be the kind of community it creates. You can always fall back on your friends for help and by syncing your Facebook friends, you can forge a family and keep progressing through the levels and have a great time.

Mobile Gaming Is Popular

Mobile games are extremely popular and Zynga is aware of the need to stick to something that could help them climb to the top of the ladder. While games like Candy Crush Saga have started dominating Facebook, Farmville too needs to do its bit to make sure that they remain in the top league.

Farmville has always been one of those smartly designed games that have managed to stay on the top of popularity charts for a long time. With the new mobile version, the developers are hopeful of becoming one of the leading and the most played game all over again. You are not likely to complain about the interface and designing of the game as it is nearly flawless and the flurry of features and the game plot makes it addicting and entertaining to play. Make sure to download it for your mobile and get hooked to it.

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